FD Vs Debt Fund: Where to Invest?

FD vs Debt Fund? Thinking where to invest your savings to earn good returns. Generally, people consider investing in fixed deposit or FD to be the most convenient option as it is safe and offers fixed returns. But is it the best way? Though Fixed Deposit is an easy investment option for all, however, the

Liquid Mutual Funds: How to Choose?

Liquid Mutual Funds are essentially money market (debt) funds that invest in small tenure money market instruments including treasury bills, term deposits, certificate of deposits, commercial papers etc. Generally, liquid Mutual Funds are options to invest your money for small durations. The securities that are part of liquid funds have a maturity of fewer than

Best Way to Invest Money: For a Salaried Employee

The best way to invest money or how to invest money varies from person to person on the basis of parameters like tenure, risk appetite, liquidity and taxation. There are various high return investment options in India. But it is essential to understand that is it the best investment option for you. So, what is

Best Investment Plan: How to Create a Financial Plan?

The Best Investment Plan is a financial plan that gives us an opportunity to save money for our future needs by investing in financial instruments. There is no such thing as a good investment plan or a bad investment plan. Each plan can be good or bad depending on how well you create your plan

Mutual Fund Investment: Safe or Not?

Generally, Mutual Fund investment is an investment that buys and sells large volumes of securities allowing investors to avail benefits from the lower trading cost. Mutual Funds are of three types- Equity Mutual Funds, Debt Mutual Funds and Balanced Mutual Funds. Choosing one Mutual Fund investment among these can be daunting for investors. To select


CAMS KRA is a KYC registration agency (KRA) in India. CAMSKRA offers KYC services for all Mutual Funds, SEBI compliant stock brokers, etc. KYC – Know Your Customer – is a process to verify the customer’s identity and is mandatory for all financial institutions. Earlier different financial institutions like AMCs, banks, etc. had different KYC

RD Interest Rates 2017

Recurring Deposit is one of the best ways to save money every month. In this scheme, any individual can open an RD account, but minors, students and senior citizens can avail extra benefits in terms of RD interest rates. Senior citizens earn a higher rate of interest when compared to regular citizens. RD interest rates

Unemployment Insurance: Why Do You Need One?

Unemployment Insurance is a job loss cover that provides temporary financial support to the people who face involuntary termination from their job due to company closure, provided that the company has at least 20 employees. The insured can make an unemployment claim only under genuine circumstances and not due to their own fault. These circumstances

RD Calculator – Recurring Deposit Calculator

A Recurring Deposit calculator is an online tool used for calculating the maturity amount of a Recurring Deposit scheme. The Recurring Deposit is a saving avenue which works like SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) of a Mutual Fund, wherein customers will have to invest a certain amount every month and can avail a fixed rate of

Types of Life Insurance Policies

There are five basic types of life insurance policies in India – term insurance, whole life insurance, Unit linked insurance plan (ULIP), endowment plan and money back policy. A life insurance policy provides you with a financial cover and sense of assurance to you and your family during the time of crisis. Each life insurance