Shriram Mutual Fund Company Limited

Date of Setup December 05, 1994 Sponsor(s) Shriram Credit Company Ltd. About Shriram Mutual Fund Investment The Shriram Mutual Fund Company received the permission to act as an Asset Management Company by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) on November 12, 1994. Then, as an integral part of Shriram Group of Chennai, Shriram Mutual

BOI AXA Mutual Fund

Date of Setup of BOI AXA Mutual Fund March 31, 2008 Sponsor(s) Bank of India and AXA Investment Managers ABOUT BOI AXA MF BOI AXA Mutual Fund is a joint venture between a leading bank – Bank of India and AXA Investment Managers which is a part of AXA Group. AXA Group is one the

KYC Form

KYC Form KYC means Know Your Customer. Investors who want to invest in the market securities need to complete the KYC process. They need to fill the KYC form and submit it to the SEBI registered intermediary such as asset management companies, banks, etc. along with the required KYC documents in order to be KYC

How to Invest in ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme)?

How to invest in ELSS? ELSS or Equity Linked Savings Scheme is one of the popular tax saving investment options in India. As the financial year comes to an end, investors invest in tax saving options like ELSS. But before investing in ELSS funds, investors must know how to invest in ELSS funds the best

ELSS Funds: Why ELSS Over Other Tax Saving Investments

ELSS funds also known as Equity Linked Savings Scheme is an equity-diversified tax saving Mutual Fund that majorly invests its assets in equities or equity-linked instruments like stock markets. The ELSS Mutual funds offer market-linked returns, which are volatile and are dependent on the market conditions. However, financial advisors suggest investing in ELSS funds for

Ultra Short Term Funds: A Detailed Overview

Ultra Short Term Funds, earlier referred as Liquid Plus Funds, are funds that invest in debt instruments having residual maturities of more than 91 days and typically less than 1 year(in some cases they may go upto 1.5 years). Ultra Short Term Funds are short term investments that are highly suitable for investors who are

Retirement Calculator: Evaluate and Invest

Retirement calculator is a tool for those who are eager to know about the corpus required post retirement to maintain a certain standard of living. Retirement calculator is considered as an essential element when planning for retirement. It helps you to identify the estimated amount that you need to save for your retirement based on your

Quantum Mutual Fund

Date of Setup Quantum Mutual Fund Lunch Date- December 02, 2005 Sponsor(s) Quantum Advisors Private Limited About Quantum Mutual Fund The Quantum Mutual Fund is India’s 29th Mutual Fund. The company aims to be India’s premier investment management company by offering a systematic process for investors to utilise long-term investments across different asset classes. Quantum

Best Tax Saving Mutual Funds to Invest in 2017

Best tax saving Mutual Funds (ELSS) are funds that help people save a lot of money on taxes along with earning capital appreciation on their investments. Tax Saving ELSS funds allow tax exemptions upto INR 1,50,000 under section 80C of the Income Tax Act. Therefore, by investing in these tax saving Mutual Funds, even the

New Pension Scheme- Everything You Need to Know

The New Pension Scheme (NPS) was launched by the government on 1st April 2009. While the existing pension fund of the government offers assured benefits, the New Pension Scheme has a defined contribution structure, which gives the individual a choice to decide where his contributed money will be invested. New Pension Scheme  The New Pension