Best Short Term Debt Funds to Invest in 2017

Generally, people believe that Mutual Fund investments are for long-term investors. Well, that not true! There is a category of funds called Short term debt funds that allow investors to invest for short term along with keeping their money accessible. Though there are various Short Term Debt Funds available in the market, investors are suggested

ELSS vs Equity Funds: Which is Better?

ELSS vs Equity Funds? Typically, ELSS or Equity Linked Savings Scheme is a type of Equity Mutual Fund that offers tax benefits along with providing good market linked returns. For this reason, ELSS funds are also termed as a Tax Saving Mutual Funds. Investments upto INR 1,50,000 in ELSS Mutual Funds are liable for tax

Gilt Funds: Whether to Invest or Not?

As they say, the investment market is full of opportunities, one simply needs to research and invest smartly. Gilt funds are an investment opportunity that you can consider to achieve both your long and short-term plans. It is one of those funds that has a blend of risk, return, and opportunity. Gilt funds are a

Top & Best Diversified Equity Funds to Invest in 2017

Diversified funds or more correctly diversified equity funds are a class of equity funds. Investors with a high-risk appetite who wish to take an exposure in equities usually incline towards investing in diversified funds. As, diversified funds invests in a company stocks across different sectors and market caps such as – large cap, mid cap

Diversified Funds: Why Should You Invest?

In the game of investing, where returns are essentially important, somehow risk-adjusted returns is what eventually counts. And to strengthen the risk-adjusted returns if one has a long-term view, diversified equities can prove to be beneficial. Diversified funds have historically proven to come out as a winner in most market conditions given long holding periods.

Best Liquid Funds to Invest in 2017

Best Liquid Funds – What are They? In common terms, best Liquid funds are Debt Mutual Funds or rather money market Mutual Funds with the only difference being in the investment duration. Liquid funds invest in very short money market instruments like the certificate of deposit, treasury bills, commercial papers etc. The investment duration of

Best Ultra Short Term Funds to Invest in 2017

 Invest in Best Ultra Short Term Funds Best Ultra Short Term Funds are very short term Mutual Funds that invest in a combination of debt instruments including treasury bills, certificate of deposits, commercial papers and corporate bonds. Generally, some of the best Ultra Short Term Mutual Funds have a residual maturity ranging from 6 months


NSE KRA NSE KRA is one of the five KYC registration agencies (KRA) in India. NSEKRA offers KYC and KYC related services for the Mutual Fund houses, stockbrokers and other agencies that are registered with SEBI. KYC – Know Your Customer – is a one-time process to verify the identity of an investor and the

Shriram Mutual Fund Company Limited

Date of Setup December 05, 1994 Sponsor(s) Shriram Credit Company Ltd. About Shriram Mutual Fund Investment The Shriram Mutual Fund Company received the permission to act as an Asset Management Company by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) on November 12, 1994. Then, as an integral part of Shriram Group of Chennai, Shriram Mutual

BOI AXA Mutual Fund

Date of Setup of BOI AXA Mutual Fund March 31, 2008 Sponsor(s) Bank of India and AXA Investment Managers ABOUT BOI AXA MF BOI AXA Mutual Fund is a joint venture between a leading bank – Bank of India and AXA Investment Managers which is a part of AXA Group. AXA Group is one the