Mutual Fund: Dividend Option Or Growth Option

Don’t you feel good when you receive mutual fund dividend? Yes, you do. Mutual fund dividend is distributed by a mutual fund scheme among its unitholders. Mutual funds distribute dividends against their realized profits and not on their book profits or paper profits. Realized profit means the profits earned by the mutual fund scheme against

Dynamic Bond Fund: A Detailed Overview

Dynamic bond funds can be considered as an investment option for medium or long-term. This mutual fund scheme invests its corpus in different bonds with varying maturities. As the name suggests, the dynamic bond fund is dynamic in nature with respect to the maturity profile of its underlying assets, in simple terms, it means that the fund

Mirae Mutual Fund

Mirae Mutual Fund is an asset management company that operates in India under the name of Mirae Assets Global Investments (India) Pvt Ltd. Mirae Mutual Funds are present in the Indian mutual fund industry since 2007. The company was established with an initial seed capital of $50 million. Other than dealing with mutual funds, Mirae

Sundaram Mutual Fund

Sundaram mutual fund is an Asset Management Company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Sundaram Finance Limited. This fund house has been active in the mutual fund industry more than two decades. The operations of Sundaram Mutual Fund have spread across India in Dubai as well as Singapore. It has a wholly owned subsidiary in

Best Performing Mutual Funds 2017

Mutual Fund schemes in India have grown over the years. As a result, the best performing mutual funds in the market keep on changing. There are various rating systems in place to judge a mutual fund scheme, namely CRISIL, Morning Star, ICRA. These systems evaluate a mutual fund in terms of returns, standard deviation, etc. Some rating

MFOnline: Investing Made Easy

Have you heard the term MFOnline? Well, for those who already know it and for those who don’t, this article will simplify and elaborate the concept of MFOnline. MFOnline or mutual fund online means investing in mutual funds through paperless means. Individuals can choose MFOnline to invest in mutual fund schemes by visiting the mutual

Mutual Fund Investment Guide: Understanding Mutual Funds

Are you new to mutual fund investments? Then refer to mutual fund investment guide for having an overall understanding about mutual funds. Asset Management Companies (AMCs) prepare a mutual fund investment guide to create awareness about the concept of mutual funds among people. A Mutual Fund invests the money collected from individuals in financial instruments like shares and

NFO Mutual Fund: Whether to Invest or Not?

NFO mutual fund or New Fund Offer mutual fund is a new scheme launched by an Asset Management Company (AMC). These funds can either be open-ended or close-ended. Fund houses introduce new mutual fund schemes to augment their Assets Under Management (AUM). NFO mutual funds are launched when the financial markets are performing well as

Fund of Funds: A Detailed Overview

Fund of funds is one of the best mutual funds for investors whose investment amounts are not too large and it is easier to manage one fund (a fund of funds) rather than a number of Mutual Funds. In this form of mutual fund investment strategy, investors get to hold a number of funds under the umbrella of a

Liquid Funds: A Mutual Fund That Offers Daily Returns

ANSWER: LIQUID FUNDS Invest in Liquid Funds Here! Liquid Funds are one of the best mutual funds to invest your idle money for a short duration to earn good returns. They park money for a very short period, ranging from even 1 day to a week and more. The residual maturity of Liquid Mutual Funds