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Harvard Business School

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Harvard School

Harvard School is one of the most popular business schools in the United States. Located in Boston, this educational institution was launched in 1908. Many students from Boston and the international countries choose Harvard Business School online for graduation.

Harvard School

The school owns and operates a publishing corporation that releases business books, reviews, and other study materials. Currently, the school offers a broad Range of educational programs, including the MBA and doctoral programs to undergraduate students.

The History of Harvard School

Launched in the year 1908, Harvard Business School was declared as an independent educational institution two years later. Initially, the main goal of the developers was to build an educational institution that could provide the students with a master’s degree in arts. The school allowed students to major in business, finance, Economics, and other such fields. Later, the authorities recommended a change in the curriculum.

The institution started to focus on different business topics, including but not limited to, banking and finance. The idea was to build a school that is known for training future leaders. The professors wanted to transform Harvard Business School into the educational institution that offers comprehensive training to students so that each is able to find a decent job after graduation. The school became famous when it started to provide quality education to young students that aspired to start a business. Similarly, the doctoral and law Harvard institutions trained aspiring lawyers and doctors.

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Harvard Business School Statistics

Initially, Harvard Business School approved the applicants of male students only. In 1973, it started to accept passionate women for training. They brought many changes in the training programs. In 2013, many new educational programs were implemented. The school even started to improve the faculty for female students by hiring more and more female professors.

More than 9500 students applied for the registration for the MBA program at the Harvard Business School. However, only 12% of the applicants were lucky enough to get admission in the school. In 2014, approx 800 students wanted to participate in the doctoral program, among which, only 4% got admission. The institution accepted the applications of around 1,870 students. The average tuition fee for the year was $61,000. The school houses experienced tutors and authors of several business books and publications. The school had 1400+ members in the faculty.

The main goal of the school is to provide the students with a comprehensive MBA, doctoral, and other such programs. They also aim to educate students who are capable of making a difference in the Economy. Considering the 2014 stats, more than 107,000 students have completed their graduation from the Harvard Business School.

More than one-third of the total graduates are from International countries. One-fourth of the Harvard graduates offer professional services, while the remaining work in the finance Industry. Harvard Business School happens to be the world’s most popular and high-ranking educational institution for students. Bloomberg and the US News ranked Harvard Business School as the US’s top business school in 2016.

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