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Head Trader

Updated on June 13, 2024 , 3923 views

What is a Head Trader?

A head trader is the head or manager of a business involved in trading. The head is responsible for the positions, risk a firm may have and the profit a business makes. In various registered securities, the head trader solely supervises all other traders and other responsibilities. He will also trade. Most importantly, the head trader has to ensure both regulatory and internal compliance for employees working within the trading operation.

Head Trader

A head trader is also called as a ‘head of trading’.

Important Points about Head Trader

A head trader is an important job position in multinational companies. He may have to report to the chief investment officer of the chief operating officer. A head trader will play the role to attend a fulfil trader requests. The head will also be responsible for creating and maintaining good relationships with external brokers and custodians. The head trader should have thorough knowledge about the environment and the Market situation.

The job role would include:

  • Day-to-day managing of the trade from its inception to post-trader analysis and pre-trade analysis along with execution and settlement.
  • Head trader will have to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Supervising adherence to execution policies
  • Designing trader architecture
  • Making trading policies and procedures
  • Record keeping
  • Conducting systematic broker evaluation
  • Assisting Portfolio managers
  • Balancing Asset Allocation tasks

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