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Updated on July 17, 2024 , 843 views

What is an Impression?

An impression is one such metric that is used to quantify the number of digital engagements or views of a content, which is generally a web page, digital post or an advertisement. Impressions are also known as the ad view.


Usually, these are used in internet advertising, which pays on the Basis of impressions. It is quite essential to count impressions to understand how web advertising is paid for in search engine marketing.

Not just that, but evaluating impression also suggests how well a social media campaign is performing. However, what needs to be kept in mind is that impressions are not a measure to check whether an ad has got clicks or not.

On the other hand, it simply demonstrates how many times it got displayed, or how many potential eyes it attracted, which leads to certain debates regarding the accuracy of this metric.

Explaining Impressions

Basically, one impression is considered to be equal to every occurrence on the content piece, ad, or a web page, which is loaded or looked at. Since this one is an accessible measure, the impression has become one of the most economical and convenient ways to comprehend if the advertising is attracting an audience or not.

However, there is a prevalent debate regarding how precisely the figure is interpreted. Some of the online ad experts assume that there is no ultimate way to count impressions, considering that a count can easily be twisted by a person who is registering into the same ad from different modes or methods.

There are a variety of other ways for total impression numbers to be altered. This can lead to scepticism in every impression figure for advertisers. Generally, most of the publishers and advertisers take a decision beforehand regarding how impressions will be counted and accounted for.

Advertisers may also decide whether a campaign will be successful on the basis of different reporting forms, such as engagement, and other similar metrics. Often, impressions get measured by Cost Per Mille (CPM), which is another metric wherein one mille is equal to 1000 impressions (or the cost per thousand).

For instance, if a banner ad has received a CPM of Rs. 50, it means that the person is getting Rs. 50 every time the ad is displayed for 1000 times. The owner could be paid for every ad impression. Also, there are other ad arrangements; however, they may only pay when somebody clicks on the ad or make a purchase after clicking.

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