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What is Incorporation?

Incorporation is a legal process that is used to create a corporate company or entity. A corporation is referred to as a resulting legal company that differentiates the assets and Income of the firm from the assets and income of its investors and owners.


It is possible to create corporations in any country in the world. In India, a private entity is denoted with Pvt Ltd and a public corporation is referred to as Ltd. In simple words, incorporation can be defined as the process of declaring a corporate company legally as separate from the owners.

How does Incorporation Work?

For businesses and owners, there are several incorporation benefits, such as:

  • Protection for the assets of the owner against the liabilities of the company
  • Allowance of easy ownership transfer to any other party
  • Achievement of the lower Tax Rate in comparison to the one imposed on personal income
  • Lenient tax regulations on loss carryforwards
  • Opportunity to raise Capital by selling stocks

All across the world, corporations are extensively used legal vehicle that is used in the business operation. Although the legal details regarding the formation and organization of a corporation vary according to the jurisdiction and country, there are specific elements that always remain common.

The process of incorporation comprises drafting articles of incorporation that lists the main business purpose, its location, and other shares as well as stock classes that the company is issuing if any. For instance, a closed corporation will not issue any stock.

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Basically, companies are owned by shareholders. While large and publicly traded firms have several shareholders, small companies can have at least one. It is a rule that shareholders get the responsibility for paying their own shares.

As owners, these shareholders get entitled to receiving the company profit, generally known as dividends. Not just that, but the shareholders also get to elect the company’s directors. These company directors are responsible for handling daily activities.

They owe the company a duty of care and should act towards its best interest. Usually, these directors are elected on an annual Basis. Incorporation creates an effectively safeguarded bubble of limited liability, which is known as the corporate veil, around the directors and shareholders of the company.

Also, businesses that have been incorporated can take risks to grow business without exposing the directors, shareholders and owners to personal financial liability.

All efforts have been made to ensure the information provided here is accurate. However, no guarantees are made regarding correctness of data. Please verify with scheme information document before making any investment.
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