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What is Main Street?

The main street can be defined as the informal term that refers to the group of small and independent firms in the United States. Economics considers the it as the colloquial term for referring to the American SMEs. As the name implies, the term derives its name from several small streets in the towns. The same is known as High Street in England. Main Street is the opposite of Wall Street, which is another colloquial term for established and reputable businesses. Surprisingly, individuals who are part of the Wall Streets or established companies need to consider the brands, trends, customer tastes, and other such factors that worked or failed for Main Street.

Main Street

Main Street can also be used to refer to American tradition and culture. Many people use this term to define American integrity and morality. In general, the United States has more than 10,900 streets that are referred to as the Main Streets. However, the term has a different meaning when it is used in the financial context. It generally implies to the small businesses and individual traders. Wall Street, on the other hand, is described as professional and experienced investors.

As cool as it sounds, Main and Wall Street are seen as the unpleasant approach. Usually, individuals who are part of Wall Street Call Main Street traders and businessmen the amateurs with little to no experience in the Industry. Main Street investors see Wall Street as the lawbreakers. One interesting fact is that both the main Street and wall street are dependent on each other. The professional traders look for individual and inexperienced traders to grow their Capital and profits. Likewise, the main street needs these professional investors and established firms to get a higher rate of returns instead of relying on the Savings Account. Despite being related to each other, the conflict and issues between the main street and wall street cannot be denied.

Difference Between Main Street and Wall Street

As mentioned above, the main difference between main and wall street is the size of the company and its operations. Main Street is a small independent firm that operates in a limited area as opposed to wall street that involves credible and globally-famous organizations. Companies and investment firms falling in the wall Street category offer services to large-scale companies and professional investors. The main street, on the other hand, offers services that are confined to the local families and investors.

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Many people believe that Wall and Main Street have an ongoing conflict. While both sectors are supposed to work together to run the Economy efficiently, things do not always work out between them. The regulations and policies that are designed to offer protection to Main Street might go against Wall Street. Take the 2008 economic crisis, for example. During the crisis, the housing price bubble led by Main Street shattered Wall Street. This explains why Main Street and Wall Street can never get along.

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