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Cash Back

Updated on April 20, 2024 , 6764 views

What is Cash Back?

There is no denying the importance of debit and credit cards in the modern era. cash back meaning is referred to as the two major types of financial transactions linked with debit & credit cards. In common terms, it is referred to as a form of credit card benefit that is popular for refunding the cardholder some small percentage of the total amount you've spent on subsequent purchases. It is also applied to purchases that might extend a specific threshold of the amount spent.

Cash Back

Cash back also indicates the Debit Card transaction in which the cardholders are known to receive some amounts of cash while making the purchase –usually, a small portion of the total amount spent.

Understanding the Basics of Cash Back

The provision of general rewards programs provided by the credit card issuers along with the utilization of cash back programs is known to date back to the time of the 1990s. However, the overall concept gained momentum during the 21st century. Nowadays, almost every card issuer is Offering the given feature on at least one of its products. It serves to be an incentive for the existing customers for using the card early and more frequently. Moreover, it also urges the new customers to sign up for the given card or switch from the existing competitor.

In comparison to the traditional forms of reward points, that were utilized only for purchasing specific goods or services, the modern concept of cash back rewards are cash in literal terms. The cash is mostly presented to the respective cardholder on the credit or debit card statement monthly. Moreover, the same can be applied to purchases on the given statement. This helps in paying the respective credit card bills. In another way, the customers can look forward to receiving the cash back rewards directly –either getting deposited directly into the checking account that has been linked or the traditional way, by check through the mail.

Percentages for the cash back rewards are known to mostly Range between 1 to 3 percent of the given transaction. In some cases, the percentage might go up to around 5 percent. Some transactions are known to provide double rewards with the help of merchant partnerships.

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As a matter of fact, credit cards are mostly known to provide varying levels of cash back –based on the type of purchase on the given transaction level. For instance, a cardholder might look forward to earning 3 percent back on specific gas purchases, 2 percent on groceries, and one percent on all subsequent purchases. Usually, a specific promotion might remain in effect for 3 months. During this period, when a specific category is spent on –restaurants or department stores, it helps in earning a higher value of refunding percentage for the given period.

Make the most of the lucrative cash back benefits for your purchases!

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