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Vahan Tax in Tamil Nadu - A Detailed Guide

Updated on November 28, 2023 , 12437 views

Tamil Nadu is among the most popular tourist attractions in India. Ramanathaswamy temple lures millions of people every year, as it is itself a delight for every pilgrim. The state has good connectivity to the 32 districts with 120 divisions and 450 subdivisions.

Road tax in Tamil nadu

The road network has a length of 1.99,040 km including national highways and state highways. For detail information about Tamil Nadu road tax rates, read the article.

Road Tax in Tamil Nadu

The State Government has made strict rules across the state to ensure the vehicles plying on the road pay the tax. There is a uniformity in the system of transport, which makes transportation easy and smooth.

Calculation of Road Tax

The road tax in Tamil Nadu is calculated under the Tamil Nadu Motor Vehicle Taxation Act 1974. The tax is considered on various factors, such as the motorcycle engine capacity, vehicle age, manufacture, model, seating capacity, price etc.

Two-Wheeler Road Tax in Tamil Nadu

A vehicle which has obtained registration before 1989 with or without trailers attached.

The road tax for two-wheelers are as follows:

Vehicle Age Motorcycle less than 50CC Motorcycles between 50 to 75CC Motorcycles between 75 to 170 CC Motorcycles above 175 CC
At the time of registration Rs. 1000 Rs. 1500 Rs. 2500 Rs. 3000
Less than 1 year Rs. 945 Rs. 1260 Rs.1870 Rs. 2240
Age between 1 to 2 years Rs. 880 Rs. 1210 Rs. 1790 Rs.2150
Age between 2 to 3 years Rs. 815 Rs. 1150 Rs. 1170 Rs.2040
Age between 3 to 4 years Rs. 750 Rs. 1080 Rs. 1600 Rs. 1920
Age between 4 to 5 years Rs. 675 Rs. 1010 Rs. 1500 Rs. 1800
Age between 5 to 6 years Rs. 595 Rs. 940 Rs. 1390 Rs. 1670
Age between 6 to 7 years Rs. 510 Rs. 860 Rs. 1280 Rs. 1530
Age between 7 to 8 years Rs. 420 Rs. 780 Rs. 1150 Rs. 1380
Age between 8 to 9 years Rs. 325 Rs. 690 Rs. 1020 Rs. 1220
Age between 9 to 10 years Rs. 225 Rs. 590 Rs. 880 Rs. 1050
More than 110 years old Rs. 115 Rs. 490 Rs.720 Rs. 870

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Tax Rate on Four Wheelers

The Tax Rate for four-wheelers is based on the weight of the vehicle.

The following tax rates are for cars, jeeps, omnibuses etc:

Vehicle Weight Imported Vehicles Indian Made Vehicles Owned by Individual Indian Made Vehicle Owned by Others
Below 700 kgs of unladen weight Rs. 1800 Rs. 600 Rs. 1200
Weight between 700 to 1500 kgs of unladen weight Rs. 2350 Rs. 800 Rs. 1600
Weight between 1500 to 2000 kgs unladen weight Rs. 2700 Rs. 1000 Rs. 2000
Weight between 2000 to 3000 kgs unladen weight Rs. 2900 Rs. 1100 Rs. 2200
More than 3000 kgs of unladen weight Rs.3300 Rs. 1250 Rs. 2500

Tax Rates for Goods Carriages and Trailers

Transport Vehicle Weight Quarterly Tax Rates
Goods carriages below 3000 kgs Rs. 600
Goods carriages between 3000 to 5500 kgs Rs. 950
Goods carriages between 5500 to 9000 kgs Rs. 1500
Goods carriages between 9000 to 12000 kgs Rs. 1900
Goods carriages between 12000 to 13000 kgs Rs. 2100
Goods carriages between 13000 to 15000 kgs Rs. 2500
Goods carriages above 15000 kgs Rs. 2500 plus Rs. 75 for every 250 kgs or more
Multi Axle Vehicle Rs. 2300 plus Rs. 50 for every 250 kgs or more
Trailer 3000 to 5500 kgs Rs. 400
Trailer 5500 to 9000 kgs Rs. 700
Trailer 9000 to 12000 kgs Rs. 810
Trailer 12000 to 13000 kgs Rs. 1010
Trailer 13000 to 15000 kgs Rs. 1220
Trailer above 15000 kgs in weight laden Rs. 1220 plus Rs. 50 for every 250 kgs

How to Pay Road Tax in Tamil Nadu?

The citizens of Tamil Nadu can pay road tax in the RTO office by filling the form along submitting the vehicle documents. It can be paid either via cash or Demand Draft. The commercial vehicles that enter the state have to make the payment of the other state vehicle tax.

Toll Tax Exemption

Some of the higher designated government authorities are exempted from the road tax in Tamil Nadu as follows:

  • The President
  • The Prime-Minister
  • The Vice-President
  • The Chief Justice
  • Governors of all States
  • Cabinet Ministers of the Union
  • Member of the Parliament
  • Ministers of the State of the Union
  • Lieutenant Governor of any Union Territory
  • Supreme Court Judge
  • Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
  • Chairman of the Legislative Council
  • Chief Secretary to State Government of a particular state
  • High Court Judge
  • Foreign dignitary arriving for State visits
  • Commander of the Army
  • Vice-Chief of Army Staff
  • High Court Chief Justice
  • Speaker from the House of People
  • Secretary from House of People
  • The Government Secretary
  • Members of Legislative Assembly of a State within the State borders
  • Secretary, Council of States

Vehicles Exempted from Road Tax

  • Ambulances
  • A vehicle with the passenger of the Ministry of Defence
  • Central and State armed forces in uniform
  • Vehicles belonging to National Highways Authority of India
  • Vehicle of the fire-fighting department
  • A vehicle used as a funeral van


1. Who has to pay road tax in Tamil Nadu?

A: Anyone who owns a vehicle and drives it on the roads and highways of Tamil Nadu is liable to pay road tax to the state govt.

2. How can I pay road tax in TN?

A: You can pay road tax by cash or Demand Draft through any of the Regional Transport Office. You can also make the payment online. Commercial vehicles entering Tamil Nadu can pay road tax directly at the toll tax booth. Hence, visiting the RTO is no longer necessary.

3. Will I get any tax benefit if I pay road tax?

A: Paying road tax is compulsory in India. You cannot claim any tax benefit if you pay road tax. However, the non-payment of road tax can result in hefty penalties. The percentages of penalties depend upon the state governments and the central government.

4. How is road tax calculated in Tamil Nadu?

A: In Tamil Nadu, road tax is calculated based on the vehicle's seating and engine capacity, the vehicle's weight, the age of the vehicle, and the fuel used in the vehicle. The road tax amount will also differ based on whether it is a commercial or a domestic vehicle. Road tax rates are usually higher for commercial vehicles.

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