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A Detailed Guide to Jammu & Kashmir Road Tax

Updated on July 15, 2024 , 9321 views

The Jammu and Kashmir is known for its natural beauty and snow-covered mountains. It is the 6th largest state in India, and it attracts a lot of tourists. The roadways of the state are well constructed for smooth transport. Thus, the government has imposed road tax on the vehicles, which are plying on the roads of Jammu and Kashmir. In this article, you will get detailed information about J&K road tax, how to calculate road tax and steps to pay road tax online.

Jammu & Kashmir

How to Calculate Road Tax in Jammu and Kashmir?

Road tax is one of the major sources of revenue for the state government. It is imposed based on the provisions of Section 39 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.

In India, the road tax in India is imposed by the Central Government and State Government. The tax is calculated based on various parameters such as engine capacity, seating capacity, unladen weight and cost price.

Road Tax on Two-Wheelers

The road tax is charged on two-wheelers on the cost of the vehicle and its age.

The road tax in Jammu and Kashmir are as follows:

Vehicle Category Quarterly Rate One Time Rate
Scooter Rs. 60 Rs. 2,400
Motorcycle Rs. 100 Rs. 4000
Motorcycle with sidecar Rs. 150 Rs. 4000

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Road Tax on Four-Wheelers

Road tax for four-wheeler is calculated on the use of the vehicle and its classification.

The tax rates for four-wheeler as follows:

Vehicle Category Quarterly Rate One Time Rate
Motorcar up to 14HP Rs. 150 Rs.6000
Motorcar above 14HP Rs. 500 Rs. 20,000
Motorcar with trailer Rs. 150 -
Invalid carriage Rs. 60 Rs. 2400

Tax rates for buses and commercial vehicles as follows:

Vehicle Category Quarterly Rate
8-21 passengers Rs. 600
22-33 passengers Rs. 750
34 passengers and more Rs.1000
Trailers Rs. 250

Tax rates for taxi and auto-rickshaw are as follows:

Vehicle Category Quarterly Rate
Up to 5 seats Rs. 250
More than 5 seats Rs. 375
Trailers Rs. 250

The rates for goods vehicles are as follows:

Vehicle Category Quarterly Rate
Up to 3600 Kg Rs. 900
3600 Kg to 8100 Kg Rs. 1,000
8100 Kg and above Rs. 1,100

How to Pay Road Tax in Jammu and Kashmir?

To pay Vahan tax in Jammu and Kashmir one needs to visit to the Regional Transport Office (RTO). You have to fill the form and provide the registration documents of the vehicle. After paying the road tax, you will get the Receipt for the payment. Keep it for the further references.

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