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Vahan Tax in Manipur- A Detailed Information

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Located in the north-eastern part of India, Manipur it is the most beautiful place to explore. The road network of the state is about 7,170 km connecting all the major cities as well as villages. To maintain and improve the conditions and infrastructures of roads, tax is imposed on the vehicles. Currently, the road tax in Manipur is under the State Motor Vehicle Taxation Act 1998. The tax is charged to every person owning a vehicle, but, the rates vary as per the vehicle specifications.

Road tax in Manipur

Calculating the Road Tax

Calculation of road tax depends on various factors, such as - the age of the vehicle, manufacturer, fuel type, size, engine capacity and the purpose of the vehicle. There are even other factors like seating capacity, the number of wheels considered while calculating the tax. Category of the vehicle also plays an important role in determining the tax for, e.g. goods, ambulance or personal vehicle.

There are different guidelines for categories of the vehicle as per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1998.

Taxes on Two- and Three-Wheeler Vehicles

Vahan tax for two-wheeler vehicles is based on the engine capacity of the vehicle.

Taxes applicable as per the act are as follows:

Vehicle Engine Capacity One-Time Tax Taxation per 5 years after 15 years
Two-wheeler between 50 to 100 cc Rs.150 or Rs. 1700 Rs. 800
Two-wheelers between 100 to 200 cc Rs. 250 or Rs. 2700 Rs. 1500
Two-wheelers between 250 to 350 cc Rs. 300 or Rs. 3000 Rs. 1500
Two-wheelers with sidecars Rs. 100 or Rs. 1100 Rs. 500
Three-wheelers Rs. 300 or Rs. 3000 Rs. 1500
Vehicles modified for Handicapped Rs. 100 or not applicable Not applicable
Vehicles registered from other states One-time tax after Deduction of 10 % Not applicable

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Taxation on Four-Wheeler

Personal vehicles which are in the four-wheeler category, taxation depends on the age of the vehicle.

The four-wheeler tax rates are as follows:

Vehicle Cost Tax till 15 years Taxation per 5 years after the end of 15 years
Four-wheeler costing less than Rs 3,00,000 3% of the cost of the Four-wheeler Rs. 5,000
Four-wheeler costing between Rs 3,00,000 and Rs 6,00,000 4% of the cost of the Four-wheeler Rs. 8,000
Four-wheeler costing between Rs 6,00,000 and Rs 10,00,000 5% of the cost of the Four-wheeler Rs. 10,000
Four-wheeler costing between Rs 10,00,000 and Rs 15,00,000 6% of the cost of the Four-wheeler Rs. 15,000
Four-wheeler costing between Rs 15,00,000 and Rs 20,00,000 7% of the cost of the Four-wheeler Rs. 20,000
Four-wheeler costing more than Rs 20,00,000 8% of the cost of the Four-wheeler Rs. 25,000
Vehicles registered from other states One-time tax and deduction of 10% depreciation Not applicable

Tax Rates for Used Vehicles

Vehicle Weight Tax Rate
Vehicle weighing less than 1,000 kg One-time taxation and deduction of 10% depreciation
Vehicles weighing between 1,000 kg and 1,500 kg Rs. 4,500 and Rs. 2,925 for adding another 1,000 kg
Vehicles weighing between 1,500 kg and 2,000 kg Rs. 4,500 and Rs. 2925 for adding another 1,000 kg
Vehicles weighing more than 2,250 kg Rs. 4,500 and Rs. 2,925 for adding another 1,000 kg
Trailers weighing less than 1 metric ton Rs. 250 per year or Rs. 2,850 one-time
Trailers weighing more than 1 metric ton Rs. 450 per year or Rs. 5,100 one-time

Tax Rates for Private Goods and Transportation Vehicles

Type of Vehicle-based on its weight Taxation per year
Vehicles weighing below 1 ton Rs. 800
Vehicles weighing between 1 and 3 tons Rs. 2,080
Vehicles weighing between 3 and 5 tons Rs. 3,360
Vehicles weighing between 7.5 and 9 tons Rs. 6,640
Vehicles weighing between 9 and 10 tons Rs. 6,560
Vehicles weighing more than 10 tons Rs. 6,560 and per additional ton Rs. 640

Tax on Goods and Passengers Vehicles

Type of Vehicle-based on Capacity of seats Taxation per year
Auto-rickshaws Rs. 300
Auto-rickshaws (6-seater) Rs. 600
Vans used by schools Rs. 680
Cabs with 6 seats Rs. 600
Cabs having seats between 7 and 12 Rs. 1,200
Vehicles having seats between 12 and 23 seats Rs. 2,000
Vehicles having seats between 23 and 34 seats Rs. 3,000
Vehicles having seats between 34 and 50 seats Rs. 5,000


For interstate vehicles transporting goods, an additional 10% tax is applicable per year.

Emergency Vehicles

For Emergency vehicles like Ambulances:

Type of vehicle-based on weight Taxation per year
Vehicle weighing below 7,500 kg Rs. 1,000
Vehicle weighing more than 7,500 kg Rs. 1,500

How to Pay Road Tax in Manipur?

Owners of the vehicles can head to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in their respective cities. Taxes can also be paid while registering and licensing of the vehicle. Owners will have to fill up the forms and pay the amount at the RTO office.


1. When was road tax introduced in Manipur, and why?

A: The road tax was introduced in Manipur under the Motor Vehicles Taxation Act of 1998. The tax was introduced to create a fund to maintain the roads and highways in the state.

2. If I have purchased a vehicle in another city, do I have to pay Manipur's road tax?

A: Yes, you will have to pay road tax in Manipur even if you have purchased the vehicle in another state. The tax is charged to ply the vehicle in Manipur.

3. How can I remit road tax?

A: You can remit road tax in Manipur by visiting the Regional Transport Office (RTO). You need to visit your nearest RTO and fill the requisite form. After that, you will have to pay the requisite amount of money. Carefully preserve the counterfoil of the payment of the road tax for future use.

4. What vehicles are exempted from paying road tax in Manipur?

A: Owners of individual vehicles in Manipur are exempt from paying road tax. For example, no road tax is levied on ambulances, vehicles belonging to the Ministry of Defense, vehicles used for survey and inspection on national highways, vehicles belonging to the National Highways Authority of India, and vehicles belonging to the fire department.

5. What is the road tax levied on motor vehicles?

A: Road tax in Manipur is calculated based on weight, type, age, seating capacity, and vehicle cost.

6. Does road tax in Manipur depend on the weight of the vehicle?

A: Yes, the weight of a vehicle plays a vital role while calculating Manipur road tax. Owners of heavier vehicles have to pay a higher road tax compared to lightweight vehicles.

7. What is a green tax?

A: Green tax is levied on vehicles that are more than 15 years old. For example, the owner of a medium-sized truck or bus will have to pay Rs. 750 as road tax. For large cabs, the road tax is fixed at Rs. 500. If you own a two-wheeler that is more than fifteen years, then you will have to pay a road tax of Rs. 250.

8. Manipur road tax falls under which Act?

A: The Manipur road tax falls under the National Highways Act, 1956.

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