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Vahan Tax in Jharkhand

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Jharkhand is mainly known for the beautiful waterfalls and Jain temples due to which it attracts tourist from all around India. The road of Jharkhand has good connectivity, which makes transportation easy and smooth. The state government has imposed a road tax on the citizens of Jharkhand. So, when an individual makes a purchase of any vehicle, you need to register your vehicle with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Road tax in Jharkhand

This article will guide you on the latest road tax rates, along with the procedure to pay road tax online.

Calculate Road Tax in Jharkhand

The Vahan tax in Jharkhand is calculated based on vehicle size, age, structure, seating capacity, engine capacity, etc. The road tax differs for personal vehicle and goods carriage vehicle. There are various tax slabs for taxation of vehicles in Jharkhand, but it relies on the type of the vehicle.

Jharkhand Road Tax Rates

Vehicles paying one-time tax in schedule-1 Part “C” and Tractor & Trailer of tractor.

The road tax rates are as follows:

Stages of Registration Vehicles paying one-time tax in schedule-1 part “C” and tractor & trailer of a tractor
Between 1 year to 2 years 90%
Between 2 years to 3 years 80%
Between 3 years to 4 years 75%
Between 4 years to 5 years 70%
Between 5 years to 6 years 65%
Between 6 years to 7 years 60%
Between 7 years to 8 years 55%
Between 8 years to 9 years 50%
Between 9 years to 10 years 45%
Between 10 years to 11 years 40%
Between 11 years to 12 years 40%
Between 12 years to 13 years 40%
Between 13 years to 14 years 40%
Between 14 years to 15 years 30%
More than 15 years 30%


Rate chart for a refund of one-time tax paying vehicles in the schedule-1

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Part- C and Tractor & Trailer of Tractor

Scale Refund Vehicles paying one-time tax in INSschedule part “C” and tractor & trailer of a tractor
Within 1 year 70%
Above 1 year but below 2 years 60%
Above 2 years but below 3 years 50%
Above 3 years but below 4 years 40%
Above 4 years but below 5 years 30%
After 5 year 0

How to Pay Road Tax in Jharkhand?

You can pay the tax either at the RTO office or via online mode.


To pay Vahan tax in Jharkhand, you can visit the nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO). Fill the form and submit it along with the vehicle documents and pay the tax. Once the payment is done, you will get a Receipt, keep it safe as it's the proof of payment.

Online Payment

To pay road tax online, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit jhtransport(dot)gov(dot)in
  • On the left-hand side, click on Tax Payment
  • Now, fill all the details asked on the page such as vehicle number, and click on proceed button
  • Click on Pay Your Tax
  • You will be redirected to the next page where you have to fill the mobile number and click Generate OTP
  • Enter OTP in the column
  • Click on the tab Show Details
  • Now, a page will appear showing your details related to your vehicle such as payment history, etc
  • On the same page, you will see a tab showing Tax Mode, click on it according to your convenience
  • You can pay yearly, quarterly payment depending on the amount of tax you
  • The amount of the tax paid will appear on the screen
  • Click on the Payment Button, you will be redirected to a payment gateway. Choose any payment options
  • Select the desired option net baking, credit card or Debit Card
  • Once you have completed the payment, a receipt will be generated on the screen
  • Download or print the receipt and keep it safe for future reference


1. Who collects road tax in Jharkhand?

A: Road tax in this state is levied and collected by the Jharkhand Government. The tax is collected under the Jharkhand Motor Vehicles Taxation (JMVT) Act, 2001.

2. Who is the regulatory authority for collecting the tax?

A: The Transport Department of Jharkhand is the regulatory authority for maintaining the roads of and is also responsible for collecting the tax.

3. Where can I pay road tax in Jharkhand?

A: You can pay road tax in Jharkhand by visiting the nearest Regional Transport Office. You will have to fill in the form and carry all the necessary documents associated with the vehicle to pay the road tax.

4. Can I pay Jharkhand road tax online?

A: Yes, you can pay online. You will have to log in to the official website: www[dot]jhtransport[dot]gov[dot]in and look for the section to pay road tax. You will have to fill in the necessary details and pay the amount for the road tax online. You can make the payment with the help of a credit or a debit card. You can also make an NEFT transfer to complete the transaction. Once the transaction is completed, a receipt will be generated, which you will have to download. You should keep a copy of the receipt with you for future reference.

5. Do I have to make the payment in a single transaction?

A: It is not necessary to make the entire payment in a single transaction. You can make the payment on a quarterly or yearly Basis.

6. Are there any separate ways that commercial vehicle owners can pay road tax in Jharkhand?

A: Yes, there is a separate website for commercial vehicle owners by logging into which they can pay road tax. You can log into the website parivahan[dot]gov[dot]in/vahanservice/ and pay road tax. This helps reduce the web traffic to a single website and makes the payment of road tax easier.

7. How is road tax calculated in Jharkhand?

A: Road tax is calculated in Jharkhand based on several factors such as the vehicle's age, seating capacity, engine capacity, structure, and the cost of the vehicle. The vehicle's on-road price plays an essential Factor in calculating the road tax applicable to the vehicle. Moreover, the use of the vehicle, i.e., whether it is being used for domestic or commercial purposes, will also play an essential factor in calculating the road tax applicable to a particular vehicle in the state.

8. Can I get any refund on the road tax in Jharkhand?

A: If you opt for a one-time payment of your road tax, then you are eligible for a refund in Jharkhand. However, there are specific slabs for it. For example, a one-time refund for onetime payment on road tax under Schedule 1 for tractor and trailers' is 70% of the tax amount within 1 year and 60% after one year and within two years. However, after five years, there are no refunds applicable.

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