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Top Tata Cars Under Rs. 10 lakhs in 2023

Updated on September 24, 2023 , 32322 views

Tata Motors is a leading automobile manufacturer in India with a strong presence in the commercial vehicle segment. The company has a wide distribution network and service centres across the country. Tata Motors is committed to providing the best possible products and services to its customers. There are many Tata cars that fall under the Rs. 10 lakhs price Range in 2023. Some of the top Tata cars in this price range include the Tata Altroz, Tata Tiago, Tata Tigor, and Tata Nexon. These cars offer great value for money and come with a host of features that make them a great choice for those looking for a budget-friendly car.

1. Tata Altroz - Rs. 6.34 lakh

The Tata Altroz is the latest Offering from the Indian automaker, and it is a very impressive car. It is a premium hatchback that offers a great mix of style, comfort, and performance. Tata Altroz is equipped with features like a touchscreen infotainment system, climate control, and more. It is also very competitively priced, making it a great value proposition. It is powered by a 1.2-litre Petrol engine or a 1.5-litre diesel engine, both of which are very refined and offer good performance. Tata Altroz features a 7-inch floating infotainment system. It also comes with Android Auto and Apple Car Play along with cruise control and auto headlamps. It has a keyless car entry and push-button start-stop option.

Tata Altroz

Tata Altroz offers some good safety features like rear parking sensors along with a camera, both front seat passenger’s seatbelt warning and high-speed alert.

Good Features

  • Attractive interior
  • Good Space
  • Affordable price
Features Description
Engine 1497 cc
Emission Norm Compliance BS VI
Fuel Type Petrol / diesel
Transmission manual
Seating Capacity 5
Power 88.76bhp@4000rpm
Gear Box 5
SpeedTorque 200Nm@1250-3000rpm
Length Width Height 3990* 1755* 1523
Boot Space 345

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Tata Altroz Variant Pricing

Altroz comes in 27 variants with eight colour options. The price of Altroz petrol models ranges between Rs. 6.34 Lakh to Rs. 9.99 Lakh -

Variant Price (Ex-Showroom Price)
Altroz XE Rs. 6.34 Lakh
Altroz XE Plus Rs. 6.64 Lakh
Altroz XM Plus Rs. 7.29 Lakh
Altroz XT Rs. 7.79 Lakh
Altroz XE Plus Diesel Rs. 7.89 Lakh
Altroz XT Dark Edition Rs. 8.15 Lakh
Altroz XZ Rs. 8.29 Lakh
Altroz XT Turbo Rs. 8.34 Lakh
Altroz XMA Plus DCT Rs. 8.39 Lakh
Altroz XM Plus Diesel Rs. 8.54 Lakh
Altroz XT Dark Edition Turbo Rs. 8.70 Lakh
Altroz XZ Plus Rs. 8.79 Lakh
Altroz XTA DCT Rs. 8.89 Lakh
Altroz XZ Turbo Rs. 8.94 Lakh
Altroz XZ Opt Turbo Rs. 8.94 Lakh
Altroz XZ Dark Plus Edition Rs. 8.99 Lakh
Altroz XT Diesel Rs. 9.04 Lakh
Altroz XTA Dark Edition DCT Rs. 9.25 Lakh
Altroz XZ Plus Turbo Rs. 9.34 Lakh
Altroz XZA DCT Rs. 9.39 Lakh
Altroz XT Dark Edition Diesel Rs. 9.40 Lakh
Altroz XZ Plus Turbo Dark Edition Rs. 9.54 Lakh
Altroz XZ Diesel Rs. 9.54 Lakh
Altroz XZA Plus DCT Rs. 9.89 Lakh
Altroz XZA Plus Dark Edition DCT Rs. 9.99 Lakh

Tata Altroz Price in India

Tata Altroz is offered at varied prices across India. The price in major cities are mentioned below:

City On Road Price
Delhi Rs. 7.14 Lakh
Mumbai Rs. 7.78 Lakh
Kolkata Rs. 7.18 Lakh
Jaipur Rs. 7.60 Lakh
Noida Rs. 7.20 Lakh
Pune Rs. 7.63 Lakh
Hyderabad Rs. 7.86 Lakh
Chennai Rs. 7.53 Lakh
Bangalore Rs. 8.22 Lakh
Gurgaon Rs. 7.55 Lakh

2. Tata Tiago - Rs. 5.44 lakh

Tata Tiago is available in the petrol engine option. It has boot space of 242 litres and ground clearance of 170mm. It comes with 1199cc unit that generates a power of 84.48bhp@600rpm. Tiago comes with 7-inch Harman-sourced touchscreen infotainment screen with Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Tata Tiago has an 8-speaker Harman audio system along with a digital instrument cluster and automatic climate control. It also features an adjustable and folding rearview mirror on the outer end of the car along with steering-mounted audio and telephone controls.

Tata Tiago

Tata Tiago has a well-equipped safety system with dual airbags, ABS and EBD along with a camera and rear parking sensors. Its safety system was given the 5-star rating for adult protection at the Global New Car Assessment Program.

Good Features

  • Well-equipped safety features
  • Loud and clear audio system
  • Attractive entertainment options
  • Spacious interiors
Features Description
Engine 1199 cc
Emission Norm Compliance BS VI
Mileage 23 Kmpl
Fuel Type Petrol
Transmission manual / automatic
Seating Capacity 5
Power 84.48bhp@6000rpm
Ground Clearance (Unladen) 170mm
Gear Box 5 Speed
Torque 113Nm@3300rpm
Fuel Capacity 35 Liters
Minimum Turning Radius 4.9 meters
Length Width Height 3765* 1677* 1535
Boot Space 242

Tata Tiago Variant Pricing

Tiago comes in 14 variants with five colour options. The price of Tiago petrol models ranges between Rs. 5.44 Lakh to Rs. 7.89 Lakh -

Variant Price (Ex-Showroom price)
Tiago XE Rs. 5.44 Lakh
Tiago XT Option Rs. 5.89 Lakh
Tiago XT Rs. 6.19 Lakh
Tiago XE CNG Rs. 6.34 Lakh
Tiago XT Rhythm Rs. 6.49 Lakh
Tiago XM CNG Rs. 6.64 Lakh
Tiago XTA AMT Rs. 6.74 Lakh
Tiago XZ Plus Rs. 6.89 Lakh
Tiago XZ Plus Dual Tone Roof Rs. 6.99 Lakh
Tiago XT CNG Rs. 7.09 Lakh
Tiago XZA Plus AMT Rs. 7.44 Lakh
Tiago XZA Plus Dual Tone Roof AMT Rs. 7.54 Lakh
Tiago XZ Plus CNG Rs. 7.79 Lakh
Tiago XZ Plus Dual Tone Roof CNG Rs. 7.89 Lakh

Tata Tiago Price in India

Tata Tiago is offered at varied prices across India. They are mentioned below:

City E On Road Price
Delhi Rs. 5.98 Lakh
Mumbai Rs. 6.75 Lakh
Kolkata Rs. 6.16 Lakh
Jaipur Rs. 6.51 Lakh
Noida Rs. 6.19 Lakh
Pune Rs. 6.58 Lakh
Hyderabad Rs. 6.74 Lakh
Chennai Rs. 6.32 Lakh
Bangalore Rs. 7.04 Lakh
Gurgaon Rs. 6.35 Lakh

3. Tata Nexon - Rs. 7.69 lakh

The Tata Nexon is a stylish and sporty SUV that is perfect for those who love adventure. It is based on the same platform as the Tata Tiago and is the first Tata car to feature the company's new design language. The Nexon is available with both petrol and diesel engines and comes with a host of features, including a touchscreen infotainment system, voice-activated controls, and a rear-view camera.

Tata Nexon

Tata Nexon offers a touchscreen infotainment system, cruise control, auto headlamps and I-RA voice assistant features among others.

Good Features

  • Spacious Interior
  • Affordable price
  • Attractive Exterior
Features Description
Engine 1497 cc
Mileage 17 Kmpl to 21 Kmpl
Transmission Manual/automatic
Power 108.5bhp@4000rpm
Torque 260@1500-2750rpm
Emission Norm Compliance BS VI
Fuel Type Diesel/petrol
Seating Capacity 5
Gear Box 6 speed
Length Width Height 3993* 1811* 1606
Boot Space 350
Rear Shoulder Room 1385mm

Tata Nexon Variant Pricing

Tata Nexon comes in 67 variants. Here is the list of variants which comes under the budget of Rs. 10 Lakhs -

Variant Price (Ex-Showroom)
Nexon XE Rs. 7.69 Lakh
Nexon XM Rs. 8.69 Lakh
Nexon XM S Rs. 9.29 Lakh
Nexon XMA AMT Rs. 9.34 Lakh
Nexon XZ Rs. 9.69 Lakh
Nexon XM Plus S Rs. 9.84 Lakh
Nexon XMA AMT S Rs. 9.94 Lakh
Nexon XM Diesel Rs. 9.99 Lakh

Tata Nexon Price in India

Tata Nexon’s Price varies across India. They are mentioned below:

City On Road Price
Delhi Rs. 8.63 Lakh
Mumbai Rs. 9.34 Lakh
Kolkata Rs. 8.61 Lakh
Jaipur Rs. 9.13 Lakh
Noida Rs. 8.70 Lakh
Pune Rs. 9.22 Lakh
Hyderabad Rs. 9.45 Lakh
Chennai Rs. 9.06 Lakh
Bangalore Rs. 10.03 Lakh
Gurgaon Rs. 9.13 Lakh

4. Tata Punch - Rs. 5.99 Lakh

The Tata Punch is a small, lightweight car that was designed for city driving. It has a small engine and is very fuel-efficient. The Tata Punch is a popular choice for city dwellers who want a cheap and reliable car. The Tata Punch comes packed with features, including a 7-inch touchscreen system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a Harman sound system, connected car tech, a semi-digital instrument cluster, automatic AC, steering-mounted audio controls, keyless entry with push-button start, and all four power windows.

Tata Punch

Plus, it has a 5-star Global NCAP safety rating, so you can rest assured that your passengers will be safe.

Good Features

  • Fuel efficient
  • Affordable range
  • Lightweight
Features Description
Mileage 18.82 Kmpl
Emission Norm Compliance BS VI
Engine 1199 cc
Transmission Manual/Automatic
Fuel Type Petrol/Diesel
Boot Space 366 Liters
Power Windows Front and Rear
Airbags Driver and Passenger
Central Locking Yes

Tata Punch Variant Pricing

With 30 different variants and nine colour options to choose from, Punch automatic models start at Rs. 7.34 Lakh. Here is the list of variants and their pricing:

Variant Price (Ex-Showroom)
Punch Pure Rs. 5.99 Lakh
Punch Pure Rhythm Rs. 6.31 Lakh
Punch Adventure Rs. 6.74 Lakh
Punch Camo Adventure Rs. 6.84 Lakh
Punch Adventure Rhythm Rs. 7.09 Lakh
Punch Camo Adventure Rhythm Rs. 7.19 Lakh
Punch Adventure AMT Rs. 7.34 Lakh
Punch Camo Adventure AMT Rs. 7.44 Lakh
Punch Accomplished Rs. 7.54 Lakh
Punch Camo Accomplished Rs. 7.64 Lakh
Punch Adventure AMT Rhythm Rs. 7.69 Lakh
Punch Camo Adventure AMT Rhythm Rs. 7.79 Lakh
Punch Accomplished Dazzle Rs. 7.92 Lakh
Punch Camo Accomplished Dazzle Rs. 8.02 Lakh
Punch Accomplished AMT Rs. 8.14 Lakh
Punch Camo Accomplished AMT Rs. 8.24 Lakh
Punch Creative Rs. 8.36 Lakh
Punch Creative DT Rs. 8.46 Lakh
Punch Accomplished AMT Dazzle Rs. 8.52 Lakh
Punch Camo Accomplished AMT Dazzle Rs. 8.62 Lakh
Punch Creative Kaziranga Edition Rs. 8.63 Lakh
Punch Creative IRA Rs. 8.66 Lakh
Punch Creative IRA DT Rs. 8.76 Lakh
Punch Kaziranga Edition IRA Rs. 8.93 Lakh
Punch Creative AMT Rs. 8.96 Lakh
Punch Creative AMT DT Rs. 9.06 Lakh
Punch Creative Kaziranga Edition AMT Rs. 9.23 Lakh
Punch Creative AMT IRA Rs. 9.26 Lakh
Punch Creative AMT IRA DT Rs. 9.36 Lakh
Punch Kaziranga Edition AMT IRA Rs. 9.53 Lakh

Tata Punch Price in India

The price of the car varies across India. They are mentioned below:

City On Road Price
Delhi Rs. 6.57 Lakh
Mumbai Rs. 7.39 Lakh
Kolkata Rs. 6.70 Lakh
Jaipur Rs. 7.20 Lakh
Noida Rs. 6.80 Lakh
Pune Rs. 7.23 Lakh
Hyderabad Rs. 7.45 Lakh
Chennai Rs. 6.95 Lakh
Bangalore Rs. 7.84 Lakh
Gurgaon Rs. 7.08 Lakh

5. Tata Yodha Pickup - Rs. 6.94 Lakh

The Tata Yodha Pickup is a tough and rugged vehicle that is built to Handle any terrain. It is powered by a 2.2-litre diesel engine that produces 140 PS of power and 320 Nm of torque. The Yodha Pickup comes with a host of features that include a spacious cabin, comfortable seats, and a host of safety features.

Tata Yodha Pickup

It is a perfect vehicle for those who are looking for a tough and reliable pickup that can handle any terrain.

Good Features

  • Good pickup
  • Affordable price
  • Overall excellent performance
Features Description
Fuel Tank Capacity 45 Liters
Emission Norm Compliance BS VI
Engine 2956 cc
Transmission Manual Only
Seating Capacity 2
Fuel Type Diesel Only

Tata Yodha Pickup Variant Pricing

Tata Yodha Pickup is available in 4 variants. Listed below are the variants and their pricing.

Variant Price (Ex-Showroom)
Yodha Pickup Eco Rs. 6.94 Lakh
Yodha Pickup Crew Cabin Rs. 7.09 Lakh
Yodha Pickup 1500 Rs. 7.10 Lakh
Yodha Pickup 4x4 Rs. 7.49 Lakh

Tata Yodha Pickup Price in India

The price of the car varies across India. They are mentioned below:

City On Road Price
Delhi Rs. 8.12 Lakh
Mumbai Rs. 8.12 Lakh
Kolkata Rs. 6.94 Lakh
Pune Rs. 8.12 Lakh
Chennai Rs. 8.12 Lakh

Price Source: Zigwheels

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