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Top 5 Budget-Friendly Bikes Under Rs. 50,000 2024

Updated on July 14, 2024 , 49365 views

Electric bikes are quickly taking over the streets of India. Walk around anywhere in India, and you will notice one thing in common- Motor Bikes. The motorbike Industry has flourished in India over the past few decades and has a bright future in the Market. India is one of the biggest markets for two-wheelers in the world, and it is the most preferred mode of transport by middle-class citizens. Are you planning to spend less than 50,000 for a bike? Getting a nice bike that fits your budget may be quite challenging because there are so many alternatives available. Therefore, now the market for budget bikes is huge in the Indian automobile industry. Bikes under Rs. 50000 are largely in demand among the masses.

1. Raftaar Electrica - Rs. 48,540

The Raftaar Electrica is powered by 250 W Motor. The bike takes 4 to 6 Hours to get fully charged its 60 V/25 AH battery. There is only one variants available.

Raftaar Electrica

The top speed of the bike is 25 kmph with load capacity of 250 kg. Raftaar Electrica is available in 5 colours such as Cyan, White, Red, Blue and Black.

Raftaar Electrica Key Features

  • The only brand in India using Lithium Phosphate Batteries
  • Raftaar electrica uses CATL Cell
  • The exquisite design and stylishness of the bike are appealing
  • 3000 Charging cycles, which makes this bike travel long distances
  • Swappable Battery takes up to 5 seconds
  • A 3 year or 60000 km warranty is being provided by the company
  • No Plugs Direct Socket makes charging easier
Features Specification
Range 100 km/charge
Motor Power 250 W
Charging Time 4 - 6 Hours
Front Brake Disc
Rear Brake Drum
Body Type Electric Bike

Variant Price

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
Electrica La Rs. 48,540
Electrica Li Rs. 70,900

Raftaar Electrica Price in Major Cities

Popular City Showroom Price
Mumbai Rs. 48,540 - Rs. 70,900
New Delhi Rs. 48,540 - Rs. 70,900
Ahmedabad Rs. 48,540 - Rs. 70,900
Bangalore Rs. 48,540 - Rs. 70,900
Delhi Rs. 48,540 - Rs. 70,900
Chennai Rs. 48,540 - Rs. 70,900
Kolkata Rs. 48,540 - Rs. 70,900
Pune Rs. 48,540 - Rs. 70,900

2. Avon E Mate - Rs. 45,000

Avon is a well-known Indian bicycle manufacturer which has a wide range of electric scooters. Avon E-Mate gets its power from a Hub mounted BLDC 250W motor, which moves on a 48V 20AH, Lead Acid, Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF), Rechargeable battery.

Avon E Mate

The battery is charged by a 220 AC/48 V DC charger which takes around 6 to 8 hours to get completely charged. It can reach up to 24 kmph with a maximum range of 65 km.

Avon E Mate Key Features

  • This bike is extremely light in weight which makes it very easy to ride
  • Powered by a 20 AH maintenance- free battery makes it a wonderful bike
  • Limited body panels make the body compact yet sleek
  • It comes with a load capacity of 120 kg
  • The battery charging time is low, which takes around 6 to 8 hours to get completely charged
Features Specification
Range 65 km/charge
Top Speed 18 kmph
Motor Type BLDC
Motor Power 250 W
Charging Time 4 - 6 Hours
Front Brake Disc
Rear Brake Drum
Body Type Electric Bikes

Variant Price

Avon E Mate price start at Rs. 45,000 (Ex-Showroom) and it is offered in only one variant - STD.

Avon E Mate Price in Major Cities

Popular City Showroom Price
Ahmedabad Rs. 45,000
Pune Rs. 45,000
Mumbai Rs. 45,000
Delhi Rs. 45,000
Banglore Rs. 45,000
Kolkata Rs. 45,000
Chennai Rs. 45,000

3. Bounce Infinity E1 - Rs. 45,099

The Bounce Infinity E1 features a very modern European design with smooth, flowing lines. The e-scooter features battery-swapping technology, and you can buy the Infinity E1 without the battery and opt to pay for the swaps only. Bounce has equipped the e-scooter with two riding modes-- Power and Eco, along with a Reverse mode.

Bounce Infinity E1

The Bounce Infinity E1 comes with an LCD console with Bluetooth connectivity. Once paired with a smartphone via the app, the user can access functions like geofencing and anti-theft and get alerts as well.

Bounce Infinity E1 Key Features

  • It comes with a 1.9KWh Battery (48V, IP67), which is waterproof and super reliable
  • With both front and rear disc brakes, Bounce Infinity E1 comes up with a regenerative braking system for both wheels
  • 12-inch tubeless tyres
  • Brushless DC Motor that produces 83 Nm of torque and reaches a top speed of around 65 kmph
  • The Bounce Infinity E1 is loaded with a host of features like remote tracking, geo-fencing, drag mode, reverse mode, cruise control, anti-theft mechanism, and tow alert
Features Specification
Range 85 km/charge
Top Speed 65 kmph
Acceleration 8s
Motor Type BLDC
Motor Power 250 W
Battery Type Lithium Ion, Portable & Swappable
Battery Capacity 48 V/39 Ah
Starting Push Button Start
Front Brake Disc
Kerb Weight 94 kg
Wheels Type Alloy
Tyre Type Tubeless
Standard Warranty (Years) 3

Variant Price

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
Infinity E1 Without Battery Pack Rs. 45,099
Infinity E1 With Battery Pack Rs. 69,999

Bounce Infinity E1 Price in Major Cities

Popular City Showroom Price
Pune Rs. 45,099 - Rs. 69,999
Mumbai Rs. 45,099 - Rs. 69,999
Kolkata Rs. 45,099 - Rs 79,999
Chennai Rs. 45,099 - Rs 79,999
Bangalore Rs. 45,099 - Rs. 68,999
Delhi Rs. 45,099 - Rs. 70,499

4. Avon E Plus - Rs. 25,000

The Avon E-Plus is a hybrid electric scooter/bicycle. The e-bike has elegant-looking aluminium alloy wheels that give it a fashionable appearance. It has tri-blade alloy wheels and three riding modes: electric, manual, and assisted.

Avon E Plus

The cost of this e-bike, which is designed for riders between the ages of 12 and 16, is Rs. 25,000.

Avon E Plus Key Features

  • It comes in three riding modes - Electric, Manual and Assisted
  • Also, it is fitted with tri-blade alloy wheels
  • The 12Ah maintenance-free battery makes this bike ride for a longer time
  • The e-bicycle features stylish aluminium alloy wheels providing an elegant look to it
Features Specification
Range 50 km/charge
Top Speed 24 kmph
Motor Type BLDC
Battery Type VRLA
Battery Capacity 48 V/12 Ah
Starting Self-Start Only
Front Brake Drum
Wheels Type Alloy
Tyre Type Tube

Variant Price

Avon E Plus price start at Rs. 25,000 (Ex-Showroom) and is offered in only one variant - STD.

Avon E Plus Price in Major Cities

Popular City Showroom Price
Mumbai Rs. 25,000
Pune Rs. 25,000
Delhi Rs. 25,000
Chennai Rs. 25,000
Kolkata Rs. 25,000

5. Ujaas Energy eGO - Rs. 34,880

Ujaas eGo is the ideal combination of functionality, style, and performance. With features like Keyless Riding and Reverse Drive, eGo is a good pick for a smooth and pleasant ride. For those in need of an excellent e-bike, here is an affordable choice.

Ujaas Engery eGO

The cost of the Ujaas eGo LA is around Rs 35,000. It includes a front LED display and a range of 75 kilometres.

Ujaas Energy eGO Key Features

  • Ujaas eGo Li is an entry-level low-speed electric scooter which works on a 250W BLDC hub motor
  • It is equipped with two types of battery power options such as one is a 48V 26Ah lithium-ion pack and another is a 60V 26Ah lithium-ion battery pack
  • The Ujaas eGo Li electric scooter has ridden on stylish alloy wheels fitted with tubeless tyres
  • The braking duties are handled by a drum brake setup at the front wheel and the same drum brake setup at the rear end wheel with a standard braking system
  • It is equipped with additional features such as anti-theft alarm system, keyless riding function, pass switch function, reverse driving gear option, USB mobile phone charging port and find my scooter function
Features Specification
Range 75 km/charge
Top Speed 24 kmph
Battery Type Lead Acid
Battery Capacity 48 V/26 Ah
Starting Remote Start Push, Button Start
Front Brake Drum
Wheels Type Alloy
Tyre Type Tubeless

Variant Price

|Variants|Ex-Showroom Price| |eGo LA 48V - Rs. 34,880| |eGo LA 60V - Rs. 39,880|

Ujaas Energy eGO Price in Major Cities

Popular City Showroom Price
Bangalore Rs. 34,880 - Rs. 39,880
New Delhi Rs. 34,880 - Rs. 39,880
Kolkata Rs. 34,880 - Rs. 39,880
Chennai Rs. 34,880 - Rs. 39,880
Mumbai Rs. 34,880 - Rs. 39,880

Price source- ZigWheels

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