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5 Best Budget-Friendly Bikes Under Rs. 70,000 2024

Updated on April 19, 2024 , 32662 views

A two-wheeler has become a necessity for most people these days. Beating the irritating traffic and reaching your destination on time to have your 'own' vehicle, even if it is a two-wheeler–bikes fulfil many requirements. And this is why bike Manufacturing companies have begun manufacturing more affordable bikes than ever. Hero, Bajaj, Mahindra, and TVS are some Indian companies working in this direction. But when there are so many choices, there ought to be a dilemma in selecting the best. So, here is a list of the best 5 budget-friendly bikes under Rs. 70,000.

1. Hero HF Deluxe - Rs. 49,900

Hero is an old player in the automobile Market; thus, Hero's HF Deluxe is in the top best bikes under Rs.70,000. This bike starts from Rs.50,900, and the price goes up to Rs.66,000. This bike gives 9 per cent more mileage than other bikes. It comes with an i3S technology for fuel saving. This bike takes equal care of your co-passenger as well, it has a long seat.

Hero HF Deluxe

The bike does not have any problem with starting in cold weather when generally there is difficulty in self-start.

Key Features

  • Integrated braking system
  • Self and kick start
  • Hydraulic shock absorbers on the front and 5-step hydraulic shock absorbers on the rear
Features Specification
Engine Type Air-cooled, 4-Stroke, single cylinder, OHC
Engine Displacement 97.2 CC
Fuel Petrol
Tyre (Front) 2.75-18
Tyre (Rear) 2.75-18
Fuel tank capacity 9.6 litres
Seat height 1045 mm
Kerb Weight 112 kg
Mileage 65 to 70 km/litres
Front brake Drum
Rear brake Drum

Variant Price

The price of Hero HF Deluxe starts at Rs. 49,900 and goes upto Rs. 66,350. Hero HF Deluxe is offered in 5 variants -

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
HF Deluxe 100 Rs. 49,900
HF Deluxe Kick Start Drum Alloy Wheel Rs. 59,588
HF Deluxe Self Start Alloy Wheel Rs. 64,820
HF Deluxe Self Start Alloy Wheel All Black Rs. 65,590
HF Deluxe Self Start Alloy Wheel i3S Rs. 66,350

Colour Option

The best thing about Hero HF Deluxe is that it is available in a wide Range of 8 colours:

  • Gold
  • Nexus Blue
  • Candy Blazing Red
  • Techno Blue
  • Black With Purple
  • Heavy Grey With Green
  • Heavy Grey With Black
  • Black With Sports Red

Hero HF Deluxe Price in India

Popular City On-Road Price
Delhi Rs. 61,895
Mumbai Rs. 61,510
Kolkata Rs. 67,477
Jaipur Rs. 62,321
Noida Rs. 64,904
Pune Rs. 61,510
Hyderabad Rs. 69,363
Chennai Rs. 60,492
Bangalore Rs. 64,789
Gurgaon Rs. 58,342

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2. Bajaj Platina 100 - Rs.65,133

Bajaj Platina 100 gives superior mileage due to the powerful engine. The bike looks stylish with new-style rear mirrors and LED DRLs. People riding on bikes often face problems on bad and rough roads, but this bike is made with advanced Comfortec technology promising a smooth ride experience.

Bajaj Platina 100

The pillion will also feel comfortable on this bike due to the long seat and wide rubber footpads. To sum it up, this is a great bike with an electric start—an easy start at the press of a button—at the price of a kickstart bike.

Key Features

  • Anti-skid braking system
  • Tube-type tyres with a regular tread pattern
  • Electric start
  • Has an LED Daytime Running Lamp (DRL)
Features Specification
Engine Type 4-Stroke, DTS-i, Single Cylinder
Engine Displacement 102 CC
Fuel Petrol
Tyre (Front) 2.75 x 17 41 P
Tyre (Rear) 3.00 x 17 50 P
Fuel tank capacity 11 litres
Seat height 1100 mm
Kerb Weight 117 kg
Mileage 25 to 90 km/litre
Front brake Drum
Rear brake Drum

Variant Price

Bajaj Platina 100 is offered in only one variant - ES Drum BS6.

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
Platina 100 ES Drum BS6 Rs. 65,133

Colour Option

Bajaj Platina 100 bike is available in 4 different colours:

  • Black and Silver
  • Black and Red
  • Black and Gold
  • Black and Blue

Bajaj Platina 100 Price in India

Popular City On-Road Price
Delhi Rs. 78,652
Mumbai Rs. 78,271
Kolkata Rs. 81,006
Jaipur Rs. 80,054
Noida Rs. 78,401
Pune Rs. 78,271
Hyderabad Rs. 81,580
Chennai Rs. 76,732
Bangalore Rs. 89,471
Gurgaon Rs. 72,567

3. Bajaj Platina 110 - Rs. 67,392

Just like Bajaj’s other bikes, this one also comes with their patented engine technology giving unmatched mileage due to effective fuel Efficiency. To talk about how the bike rates in style terms, it will not be wrong to say that Bajaj Platina 110 is one of the most stylish, budget-friendly bikes.

Bajaj Platina 110

Be it the LED DRLs or the uniquely attractive hand guards, everything just adds up to make it look classy.

Key Features

  • Electric start
  • Tubeless tyres
  • Hydraulic, telescopic type suspension
Features Specification
Engine Type 4 Stroke, single cylinder
Engine Displacement 115 CC
Fuel Petrol
Tyre (front) 80/100-17, 46P
Tyre (rear) 80/100-17, 53P
Fuel tank capacity 11 litres
Seat height 100 mm
Kerb Weight 122 kg
Mileage 70 to 100km/litre
Front brake Drum (130mm) and Disc (240mm)
Rear brake Drum

Variant Price

The price of Bajaj Platina 110 starts at Rs. 67,392 and goes upto Rs. 69,472. Bajaj Platina 110 is offered in 2 variants - ES Drum and the top variant Platina 110 ES Disc.

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
Platina 110 ES Drum Rs. 67,392
Platina 110 ES Disc Rs. 69,472

Colour Option

Bajaj offers 6 vibrant colour options for its Platina 110:

  • Satin Beach Blue
  • Charcoal Black
  • Volcanic Matte Red
  • Ebony Black Red
  • Ebony Black Blue
  • Cocktail Wine Red- Orange

Bajaj Platina 110 Price in India

Popular Cities On-Road Price
Delhi Rs. 81,606
Mumbai Rs. 81,160
Kolkata Rs. 80,168
Jaipur Rs. 83,717
Noida Rs. 80,260
Pune Rs. 81,160
Hyderabad Rs. 84,832
Chennai Rs. 78,995
Bangalore Rs. 82,347
Gurgaon Rs. 76,816

4. TVS Sport - Rs. 63,330

First things first, TVS Sport has earned much recognition for giving the “Highest Fuel Efficiency” according to the Asia Book of Records. Just like its competitors, this bike also has a long seat to give extra comfort to the pillion. The bike has a unique 5-step adjustable hydraulic shock absorber promising comfort on all kinds of roads.

TVS Sport

In any weather condition, the bike can be started in an easy kick-start or self-start manner. It does not stay behind its competitors when it comes to style. The 3D logo and classy graphics give TVS Sport a premium look.

Key Features

  • Kickstart and self-start
  • Wheels made of alloy
  • Telescopic oil-damped suspension on the front and 5-step hydraulic rear shock absorber
Features Specification
Engine Type Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Fuel Injection, Air-cooled spark ignition engine
Engine Displacement 109 CC
Fuel Petrol
Tyre (front) 2.75-17
Tyre (rear) 3.0-17
Fuel tank capacity 10 litres
Seat height 1080 mm
Kerb Weight 110 kg
Mileage 75km/litre
Front brake Drum 130 mm
Rear brake Drum 110 mm

Variant Price

The price of TVS Sport starts at Rs. 63,330 and goes upto Rs. 69,043. TVS Sport bike comes in three variant -

Variant Price
TVS Sport Kick Start Alloy Wheel Rs. 64,050
TVS Sport Electric Start Alloy Wheel Rs. 68,093
Sport Self Start Alloy Wheel Rs. 69,043

Colour Option

TVS Sport is available in 6 colours, all of which add to its style and class:

  • Black
  • Metallic Blue
  • White Purple
  • Metallic Grey
  • Black Red
  • Black Blue

TVS Sport Price in India

Popular Cities On-Road Price
Delhi Rs. 75,082
Mumbai Rs. 77,150
Kolkata Rs. 80,201
Jaipur Rs. 65,876
Noida Rs. 64,832
Pune Rs. 77,150
Hyderabad Rs. 81,101
Chennai Rs. 74,514
Bangalore Rs. 77,657
Gurgaon Rs. 62,595

5. TVS Radeon - Rs. 69,943

The TVS Radeon gives 15 per cent more mileage when compared to other bikes. The engine performance has been enhanced in this bike because of improved refinement. Apart from performance, the durability of the engine is also improved. The best thing about this bike is that it has low maintenance and a malfunction indicator. The malfunction indicator is something found in expensive bikes, so this feature at this price makes the bike a good bargain.

TVS Radeon

What makes TVS Radeon stand out: it has a real-time mileage indicator, a clock, and a low fuel indicator.

Key Features

  • Kickstart and self-start
  • Tubeless tyres
  • Telescopic and oil-damped front shock absorber and 5-step hydraulic rear shock absorber
Features Specification
Engine Type 4 Stroke Duralife Engine
Engine Displacement 109 CC
Fuel Petrol
Tyre (front) 2.75 x 18
Tyre (rear) 3.00 x 18
Fuel tank capacity 10 litres
Seat height 1080 mm
Kerb Weight 118 kg
Mileage 69.3 km/litre
Front brake Drum
Rear brake Drum

Variant Price

The price of TVS Radeon starts at Rs. 69,943 and goes upto Rs. 78,120. TVS Radeon is offered in 3 variants -

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
Radeon Base Edition BS6 Rs. 69,943
Radeon Dual Tone Edition Disc Rs. 74,120
Radeon Dual Tone Edition Drum Rs. 78,120

Colour Option

The 7 colour options available for TVS Radeon are:

  • Red Black
  • Blue Black
  • Starlight Blue
  • Titanium Grey
  • Royal Purple
  • Metal Blac

TVS Radeon Price in India

Popular Cities On-Road Price
Delhi Rs. 72,858
Mumbai Rs. 84,349
Kolkata Rs. 88,166
Jaipur Rs. 83,473
Noida Rs. 82,897
Pune Rs. 84,349
Hyderabad Rs. 84,200
Chennai Rs. 81,081
Bangalore Rs. 89,245
Gurgaon Rs. 83,205

Price source- ZigWheels

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Having a bike is a necessity for some and a dream for others. But with improved technologies and Economies of Scale, companies have come into the practice of producing affordable commodities mostly because of the high demand. The same goes for the two-wheeler automobile Industry, especially bikes. Now that you know what are some of the bikes you can keep an eye on while buying, go ahead and buy a bike within your budget.

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