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5 Budget-Friendly Scooters to Buy Under 50K in 2024

Updated on May 24, 2024 , 9584 views

India and China are the world’s two largest markets for two-wheelers. Majority of the Indian masses, who are part of the working class group prefer scooters as it is the most convenient mode of transport to work. That said, Indians have also found a liking towards two-wheelers because of the convenience it offers along with saving a whole lot of parking space and extra spending on Petrol or diesel.

However, you can't ignore the growing demand for two-wheelers. Big automobile companies are working towards fulfilling this demand by introducing cost-effective variants in the Market. Scooters are now available at the price of a smartphone in India.

1. Ujaas Energy Ego- Rs. 34,880

Ujaas Energy Ego was launched in July 2019 by Ujaas Energy in India, It is an electric scooter with a base price of Rs. 34,880 and can go for 60km in a single charge. It takes about 6-7 hours to be fully charged. It is available in two variants.

Ujaas Energy Ego

It has drum front brakes and alloy wheels with tubeless tyres.

Ujaas Energy Variant Pricing

Here is the ex-showroom Mumbai prices.

Variant Price (Ex-showroom)
Ego LA 48V Rs. 34,880
Ego LA 60V Rs. 39,880

Good Features

  • Tubeless Tyre
  • Speed
  • Electric Start

2. Evolet Derby- Rs. 46,499

Evolet Derby was launched in India in September 2019. It is an electric scooter with a top speed of 25kmph and Range of 55 to 60km. It is a quality scooter with LED lighting, digital instrument console and mobile app connectivity. The bike has a peaked power rated at 350 Watt. Evolet offers a 3-year warranty with the scooter and a 1-year warranty with the motor.

Evolet Derby

Evolet Derbyweighs around 102 kg and has a low seat height of 150 mm and ground clearance of 160 mm. It has telescopic forks at the front and twin shock absorbers at the back.

Evolet Derby Variant Pricing

Evolet Derby comes in two variants.The price is mentioned below:

Variant Price (Ex-showroom)
Derby EZ Rs. 46,499
Derby Classic Rs. 59,999

Good Features

  • Quality looks
  • Price
  • Features

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3. Indus Yo Electron- Rs. 33,147

Indus Yo Electron was launched in India in September 2012 at Rs. 33,147. It can go up to 70km in a single charge and takes 6-8 hours for a full charge.

Indus Yo Electron

It has drum front brakes and alloy wheels. However, it comes with tube tyres.

Indus Yo Electron Variant Price

It is offered in one single-variant:

Variant Price (Ex-showroom)
Yo Electron Standard Rs. 33,147

Good Features

  • Quality looks
  • Great price
  • Amazing Features

4. Palatino Sunshine- Rs. 35,999

Palatino Sunshine was launched in February 2017 and can go 60 km in a single charge. It takes about 6-8 hours for a full charge. Palatino Sunshine comes with front and rear drum brakes.

Palatino Sunshine

It has an electric start with alloy wheels and tubeless tyres. The bike has front drum brakes.

Platino Sunshine Variant Price

Platino Sunshine comes in a single variant.

Variant Price (Ex-showroom)
Sunshine STD Rs. 35,999

Good Features

  • Quality looks
  • Features

5. Techo Electra Neo- Rs. 43,967

Techo Electra was launched in June 2017. It is an electric-start scooter and goes 60km in a single charge. It takes about 5-7 hours for a full charge.

Techo Electra Neo

It has a wheel size of 254mm and has alloy wheels. The bike has tubeless tyres and an automatic transmission.

Techo Electra Neo Variant Price

It is offered in only one variant.

Variant Price (Ex-showroom)
Neo STD Rs. 43,967

Good Features

  • Tubeless tyres
  • Electric Start

Price Source- Zigwheels.

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