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Aviation Accident Insurance

Updated on July 16, 2024 , 1625 views

What is Aviation Accident Insurance?

Aviation insurance covers the risks involved in aviation, specifically to the operation of the aircraft. This insurance covers injuries for pilots as well as travellers. Also, it covers any accidental death and dismemberment.

The aviation insurance policy is clearly different from other areas of transportation and tends to incorporate aviation terminology.

Aviation Accident Insurance

It is noticed that the demand of aviation insurance is less than the other types of insurance. So, the companies Offering this policy is also relatively small.

Types of Insurance

Aviation insurance is separated into different types of insurance

Public liability insurance

The public liability insurance, also referred to as third-party liability, covers aircraft owners for damage such as houses, cars, crops, airport facilities and other aircraft struck in a collision. The insurance doesn’t provide the coverage for damage to the insured aircraft or coverage for passengers injured on the insured aircraft. After any incident, an insurance company will compensate victims for their losses.

For instance, if an aircraft is in the motion, and it abruptly crashes on open Land where the crops have been harvested, then the owner of the land will be paid for their loss. However, this does not include the costing of injured passengers.

Passenger liability insurance

This insurance policy covers the passengers riding in the aircraft who has been injured or killed in the incident. It provides money for injuries and who have been killed in the fatality.

Combined single limit

This insurance policy covers the public and passenger liability under single coverage. This type of insurance has a coverage set limit per payout per accident.

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In-flight insurance

The in-flight insurance policy covers against damage during all phases of flight and ground operation. This policy is more expensive than not-in-motion coverage, as most aircraft are damaged while in motion.

Ground risk hull non-motion insurance

This type of insurance covers a plane of damages provided when the plane is on the ground, but not in the motion. This would include crime, natural disasters and insured aircraft.

For instance, if the plane is not moving and another plane is landing at the airport, which crashes with a plane which is not in use, then the insurance can be claimed.

Ground risk hull (notion) insurance

This type of insurance is similar to non-motion insurance it covers damages provided when the plane is on the ground and in motion.

For example, if the plane is in use or not in use and it came across any damages, then the insurance can be claimed.

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