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Gold Bull

Updated on September 25, 2023 , 4411 views

What is a Gold Bull?

Gold bull is a terminology for a trader or an investor who is optimistic about the spot price of gold futures, gold bullion, and other related assets increasing in the future. These gold bulls position their Portfolio accordingly. Gold bulls may be institutional or individual investors. Gold bull also can refer to the Market situation, in which the value of gold is trending higher. In a secular market, gold bulls may hold gold for an extended amount of time. Secular markets last for many years and tend to have multi-year above-average returns.


A bull market is characterized by optimism, investor confidence and expectations that prices will tend to go up. When it comes to stocks, during a bull market, stocks prices are expected to rise even after severe declines. But, in the precious metals market, the situation is quite different. Bear markets can last for a long time and there is no confidence that serious falls will be followed by periods of recovery.

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