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Top 4 Financial Tips from Billion-Dollar Startup Founder Radhika Aggarwal

Updated on May 18, 2024 , 610 views

Radhika Aggarwal is India’s first female founder of a billion-dollar start-up. She is a popular internet entrepreneur and the founder of the online marketplace, ShopClues.

According to a report, in 2017, Shopclues had a revenue of Rs. 79 crores from Rs. 31 crores in 2014. In January 2018, she and her husband raised $100 million in funding in a Series E round led by a Singapore-based fund. A report also stated that Aggarwal’s annual salary is Rs. 88 lakhs.

With the growing success, she won the Outlook Business Woman of Worth Award at the Outlook Business Awards in 2016. In the same year, she also won the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year at Entrepreneur India Awards, along with the Exemplary Woman Entrepreneur of the Year at CMO Asia Awards.

Aggarwal believes female representation is extremely important in the Industry. According to a report, in 2016, around 23-25% of customers were women while 25% were also merchants. This means that 80,000 or ShopClues total 3,50,000 were women.

Top Tips from Radhika Aggarwal for Financial Success

1. Grit Only Matters

To get financial success, grit is the most important aspect to possess. While many believe, intelligence is important for the success of the business, Aggarwal believes that grit wins the war. She once said that individual smartness and intelligence are no longer the hallmarks of success. Instead, she has started valuing grit and mindset as fundamentally more critical to individual and organisational success in terms of finance and development.

Intelligent people can give up, but people with grit and determination never give up. The never giving up attitude is what makes a business grow financially.

2. Have Big Aspirations

Aggarwal believes that having big aspirations is the first step to achieving them. All businesses are about gaining financial independence and control. Your aspirations should help you become the best in what you dream to do.

Remember that your company should be well-baked with your aspirations. Make sure your company culture is closely knitted with your aspirations. If otherwise, failure is bound to happen for no recovery.

Hire the people who fit your aspiration to help you reach closer to your goal. Inspire your employees and always guide your employees to excel in everything they do. Every financially successful entrepreneur needs a team to propel toward the goal. Guide and lead well.

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3. Be Customer-Oriented

Being customer-oriented is extremely important for the financial success of the business. Your business functions for people and creating a space that’s customer-friendly is vital to the success of your business. Aggarwal says a customer-oriented entrepreneur is important for a successful business venture.

If financial success is your goal, make sure to satisfy your customer. Keep monitoring customer behaviour toward your services so that you can find room for improvement. Every customer will have their own sets of needs and wishes, which are unique. Make sure to conduct necessary research and survey to be able to reach your goal. Communicate changes clearly to the employees so that the work culture will be directed toward customer satisfaction.

4. Have Faith in Your Potential

Aggarwal says having faith in your potential is most important. Criticism is one aspect every budding and established entrepreneur has to deal with. But this should not take away the attention of faith in self. Drive your potential to achieve success in your life.

Remember that self-belief is the source of all positivity. Even failures can be tackled with this. You will be taking rational decisions at every turn and will continue striving toward your goal with this system in place.


Radhika Aggarwal is an inspiration when it comes to setting up a business. Her journey is proof that you can have everything you want if you have the determination and grit in place. Believe in yourself more than what others think about you.

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