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Top 5 Financial Success Tips from VLCC Founder Vandana Luthra

Updated on February 18, 2024 , 1931 views

Vandana Luthra is a popular Indian health and wellness entrepreneur. She is founder of the VLCC Health Care Ltd and is also the chairperson of the Beauty and Wellness Sector Skill and Council (B&WSS).

The company has its operations up and running in 326 locations across 153 cities in 13 countries in South Asia, South East Asia, the GCC region and East Africa. The Industry has 4000 employees including medical professionals, nutrition counsellors, physiotherapists, cosmetologists and beauty professionals.

According to a report, 40% of her top clients are from international centres. She continues travelling across the world to understand their needs regarding wellness. According to a report, VLCC’s estimated annual revenue is $91.1 million. Her Net worth is Rs. 1300 crores.

Luthra started her business in India when women were not encouraged to take up such ventures. However, she believed in herself enough to face criticism.

She believes women can do anything they put their mind to. However, today things have changed and the government is extremely happy to help women grow and become entrepreneurs. She says that the Indian government is very keen on supporting women to grow and become entrepreneurs.

The National Skills Development Corporation and the Ministry of Labour are working consistently toward improving the fitness and beauty sector. VLCC is also a major part of the government’s Jan-Dhan Yojana.

Let’s take a look at Vandana Luthra’s Tips for Financial Success

Vandana Luthra’s Tips for Financial Success

1. Have an Indomitable Spirit

While this may read like a philosophical statement, Luthra truly believes this helps in becoming financially successful. It is important to not ever give up when you have a dream. Luthra once said that it is important that one have an indomitable spirit to get success.

If you develop this mentality you can do whatever you want. Your body, mind and being will push you toward success. While failures may come your way, your determination will carry you forward.

Having this will within yourself will also help to keep you away from making emotional decisions in business. Boundless enthusiasm and self-determination are ingredients to achieve financial independence and success

2. Be Independent

Luthra firmly believes in being independent. She once said that while she was starting out with VLCC, she needed cash. Her in-laws weren’t very supportive but her husband was willing to support her financially. But she decided to not depend on anyone and went ahead to take a Bank loan.

Today the business is established all over the world with successful turnovers. Independence is extremely crucial when it comes to financial success. You get to lay your own terms and conditions and add your flavour to your business. While your creativity is vital, financial independence is equally important.

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3. Learn People Management

Luthra says that people management is extremely important for a business to succeed. Businesses are always about people which makes honing this skill even more crucial. While many are born with this skill naturally, few others still have to learn it. But everything becomes easier if you are able to communicate effectively and have amazing people management skills.

Luthra’s brand is all about helping people feel better about themselves. When you focus on helping people feel great about your company, you automatically attract investment and customers, no matter what is your business about.

4. Commit to Your Vision

If there’s one thing Luthra has learnt so far is that your brand should reflect the core values that your company stands for. It will take years of hard work, dedication and commitment to building a brand.

Don’t give up on your vision if you truly believe in it. Commit to your vision at every step so that you remind yourself of your goal. Financial success is possible only when you stick to your vision.

5. Always Research

Luthra says research is extremely important to help your business develop. Financial success is possible only when you are keeping up with the current trends and needs among customers. Her business is widespread throughout the world, and she frequently takes a trip across the world to understand the changing demands and needs. Customer satisfaction is the only way to attract more customers and grow your current base.


Vandana Luthra is one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our times. Her life has been an inspiration to many. One thing to take back from her is being financially independent and always striving toward success.

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