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Top Investing Strategies from USA’s Billionaire President Donald Trump

Updated on September 20, 2023 , 2270 views

Donald John Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America. Before entering politics, he was a businessman, investor and a television personality. He is America’s first billionaire president. Trump was a real-estate developer and owned several hotels, golf courses, casinos, resorts and residential properties in the city of New York and across the world. From 1980, he started the business with branded clothing lines, food, furniture and cologne.

Donald Trump

His private conglomerate, the Trump Organisation, had around 500 companies, which involved hotels, resorts, merchandise, entertainment and television. In 2021, Donald Trump’s Net worth was 240 crores USD. Forbes also listed him as #3 on its Powerful People 2018 list. He is America’s first billionaire president. His production of NBC’s reality television show 'The Apprentice' earned him $214 million.

Particular Description
Name Donald John Trump
Birth Date June 14, 1946
Age 74 years old
Birth Place Queens, New York City
Net worth 240 crores USD
Profile US President, Businessman, Investor, Television Personality

Donald Trump education took place in the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He also joined his family business after his graduation in 1968. With some great high-profile construction and renovation projects in New York City, Trump’s career was in public attention.

In 1987, Trump’s book called the ‘Art of the Deal’ where he wrote about his top 11 negotiation strategies. These are not tips but strategies of making profitable deals.

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Donald Trump’s Top 5 Investing Strategies

1. Keep Pushing Yourself

Donald Trump once said that he aims high and then just keeps pushing himself until he reaches the goal. Sometimes he would settle for less, but in most cases, he ended up with what his targets.

He means that it is good to have ambitious dreams when it comes to Investing but a plan is important. Whatever one needs to accomplish with investing, has to have a strategy in place for what is needed.

2. Plan for the Worst Outcome

Donald Trump says that he always goes into a deal anticipating the worst. He says that if you plan for the worst- if you can live with the worst- the good will always take care of itself. He says no one sees when an economic crisis will arrive. This makes it important for investors to protect their portfolios from being affected in case a situation like that appears.

One of the ways to protect the Portfolio from such losses is to diversify investments. Investing in multiple assets like stocks, Bonds, cash and gold, etc., balances your portfolio.

He also suggests to not borrow too much to invest. If markets are undergoing a Recession, you can face major financial losses. One other popular suggestion from Trump is to opt for hedging. Use cash, gold or a group of non-correlated assets.

3. Plan your Spending

Donald Trump believes in spending what one has to, but, at the same time, you should not spend more than you should. Investing involves various risks that are usually out of the investor’s control. But one thing that is within one’s control is the costs. One of the ways to control your spending is to save an expense on the broker for your investments. You could also invest in low-cost index products. He also suggests saving money on investment fees.

4. Never Get Too Attached to One Deal or Approach

Trump suggests never to get attached to a deal or a single approach of investing. He usually keeps a lot of balls in the air because most deals fall out no matter how promising they seem at first.

One should never fall in love with a stock, asset class or sector. If an investment is not producing the yield you desire, it is only wise to sell that and move on. He suggests learning more about equity and bond markets.

5. It’s All About the Best Deal

When it comes to Real Estate investment, Trump says that the most misunderstood concepts to success there is finding the best location. He says that you don’t necessarily need, the best location. What you need is the best deal.

This stands true for both real estate and stock Market investors. It is important to look for markets that offer the best deals with higher returns. These are the most important things, but are commonly ignored by investors.

When it comes to real estate, make sure to find the best deals, even out of your home country.


Donald. J. Trump is one of the most successful men on the planet when it comes to business, investment and politics. His strategies are helpful when one puts it into practice. If there’s one thing to take back from his advice when it comes to investment, it is diversifying investments for risk management. One can never foresee a bad market day or a year. Protecting your investment profile and saving costs is beneficial in every way.

All efforts have been made to ensure the information provided here is accurate. However, no guarantees are made regarding correctness of data. Please verify with scheme information document before making any investment.
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