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Top 3 Powerful Strategies for Financial Success from Vani Kola

Updated on September 22, 2023 , 1009 views

Vani Kola is one of the largest venture Capital investors in the country. She is the founder and managing director of Kalaari Capital. Kola is one of the most sought-after entrepreneurs in India today.

After two successful ventures in the USA, Kola moved to India and started Kalaari Capital. She raised $440 million, making Kalaari capital as the second-largest firm in India by assets and the biggest run by a woman. According to a report, the firm has $12.7 million in revenue. Out of the 84 investments made by Kalaari Capital, Kola managed to sell 21 start-ups. Kola’s firm, Kalaari Capital has funded over 50 companies in the E-commerce, Mobile Services and Healthcare service in India. She raised about $650 million and holds stakes in more than 60 start-ups, including Flipkart Online Services and Snapdeal.

Let’s take a look at her strategies for financial success:

Vani Kola’s Strategies for Financial Success

1. Communicate Effectively

Vani Kola believes communication plays a vital role in the growth of a business and financial success. She once said that effective communication is an important skill and its fundamentals are not different for men or women. At times, women behave differently in certain situations than men do. It is important to be true to oneself. Women have a hard time being assertive and maybe come across as either too apologetic or too assertive.

According to her, financial success and growth of a startup or an established business depend largely on communication since that will help you get investors’ attention. Practice effective communication with emails, text messages and even in-person.

Kola also said effective communication means being able to put your point across in a way that you are effective in creating the outcome and the impact. It has to be practised daily. Learn from diplomats and seek to understand the other person’s priorities in order to harmonise interests.

2. Be Self-Aware

If you are an investor or an entrepreneur, you will have to practice self-awareness if you have never thought of it before. Kola suggests that developing emotional quotient is extremely vital in making decisions regarding investments and business opportunities. Healthy emotional quotient will help to make calm and well-thought decisions throughout, which will only be beneficial to the company.

Unhealthy emotional quotients can cause anxiety and snap decisions, which are hazardous to the financial success of the company.

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3. Don’t Constantly Monitor Competition

Kola believes that constantly monitoring competition and reacting to it can be bad for the health of the company in the long run. She once said that your company’s strategy can’t be every week, or every quarter, driven by what your competition is doing. It is important to find your own place in the Market. Constantly monitoring competition can only sabotage your creativity and innovative ideas.

Learn from your mistakes and keep calm in every situation. Don’t make emotional decisions and keep away from hasty reactions. Downplay competition as much possible to be financially successful.

Only with creativity and innovation, one can make a place and survive in the market.

3. Be Realistic

Kola firmly affirms of being realistic even in the toughest of situations. This means giving up on something you started because you are not getting the necessary and calculated returns.

She once said that knowing where you are, how far you can take the company when to take the risk to continue to build the business and the risk to exit, that story plays out not just one time or with one product, but it plays out all the time. And you have to make those choices. If you see a big profit by selling a business and establishing a new one, do it. Don’t hold onto something because of emotional attachment. Be realistic and sell for financial gain.


If there’s one thing to take back from Vani Kola, it is being realistic about your goals and ambitions. Always keep up with the trend and practice effective communication for great business growth and collaboration. Financial success can only be possible if you are determined and self-aware.

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