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South Indian Bank Debit Card

Updated on June 19, 2024 , 5122 views

Formed during the Swedish Movement, the reputed South Indian Bank has been given the status of a scheduled bank under the Reserve Bank of India Act in the year 1946. The bank also turned out to be the first-ever private bank in the country that was responsible for opening the NRI branch. The South Indian Bank is also renowned for having launched the branch of Industrial Finance in the banking sector.

South Indian Bank Debit Card

It is famous for its innovative series of advanced features as well as financial products –including debit cards, credit cards, accounts, several types of loans, deposits, and so more. Debits cards that are issued by the bank can be utilised for cash withdrawals at ATMs across the country, payments of utility bills, ticket booking, and online transactions.

Types of South Indian Bank Debit Cards

For maximum convenience of the end users, the bank delivers access to an increasing number of debit cards with unique features and functionalities. The customers can opt for Visa Card, MasterCard, and even RuPay card depending on specific requirements and preferences. The bank is renowned for its partnerships with MasterCard International, Visa Worldwide, and NPCI for Offering access to the best-in-class services as far as the offering of debit cards is concerned.

Some of the popular South Indian Bank debit cards are:

1. South Indian Bank Visa Classic

It is a multi-functional type of Debit Card featuring higher withdrawal limits and transaction limits. The Visa Classic card can also be utilized for a number of e-commerce transactions –both international as well as domestic. Moreover, you can also leverage the same for ensuring the payments of utility bills with the help of cash withdrawals from the respective ATMs. You can also come across the innovative Range of EMV-based chip cards by Visa Classic for providing more security. Moreover, you can make use of this card internationally as well.

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2. South Indian Bank Visa Gold

It is a popular option for serving as the international form of debit card. The Visa Gold debit card by South Indian Bank is beneficial for the cardholders in several ways. This type of card is renowned for offering its users with ultimate convenience. The users can leverage the card at more than 3 Lakh POS merchant establishments throughout the country. At the same time, the card is also accessible at over millions of merchant establishments all over the globe. Therefore, there is no requirement of carrying any other card while traveling.

3. South Indian Bank Visa Platinum

The card has been especially designed to support the notion of cashless transactions. It delivers access to the highest withdrawal limits & purchase limits in comparison to all other variants of debit cards by South Indian Bank. The Platinum card is also enabled with the advanced EMV chip technology for improved security during transaction. Moreover, you can make use of the same across all country-based and international outlets.

4. South Indian Bank Maestro Card

It is one of the most crucial types of debit cards that offer a myriad of improved functionalities and features. The South Indian Bank’s Maestro debit card is utilized for a myriad of functionalities than just cash withdrawals. You can look forward to making transactions with respect to paying utility bills, electricity bills, insurance premiums, booking tickets, shopping online, and so more.

5. South Indian Bank RuPay Card

The given card is given promotion by the National Payment Corporation of India. The advanced forms of RuPay debit cards are known to be accepted across all ATMs as well as POS terminals in the country. The card is provided to the Savings Account holders of the bank as per their specific requirements.

Benefits of South Indian Bank Debit Cards

In the modern era, when you are not aware of the exact cash amount that you require at the given instance, the lucrative range of debit cards by South Indian Bank can help in keeping you well-financed all the time. With the wide spectrum of debit card offerings by the South Indian Bank, you will never have to fall short of cash –whether you are dining or in some emergency. Therefore, one of the major benefits offered by the debit cards by South Indian Bank is that you attain the ultimate relief of not worrying about carrying around sufficient cash all the time.

All the debit cards that are issued by South Indian Bank are EMV-enabled for improved security. Moreover, these cards can be utilised both nationally as well as internationally for optimum convenience. It is protected with the help of ATM PIN that can be utilized for POS purchases also. The presence of the EMV chip on these delivers additional protection as these tend to be secured with the help of Visa & MasterCard. When you are using South Indian Bank debit cards, some transactions might require the need for an OTP. Therefore, it is recommended that users should be careful about not sharing the OTP or PIN with anyone.

How to Apply for South Indian Bank Debit Cards?

Whether you have a savings account or a current account with the bank, you can easily apply for the debit card. All you are required to do is to visit the official website and apply for the same with the help of the online application form. In case you do not have an existing account with the bank, then you will be required to launch the same beforehand.

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