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How to Buy International Travel Insurance?

Updated on January 18, 2021 , 364 views

When it comes to travelling abroad, keeping yourself secured is the first thing you should ensure! And to make sure you travel safe, nothing can be better than opting for an 'International Travel Insurance'! Overseas travel insurance plays a vital role for all kinds of travel. But, before buying, compare travel insurance with different Travel Insurance Companies and then choose a cheap travel insurance policy or a good travel insurance policy. Another important thing, during any incident, one should read and follow travel insurance claims thoroughly.

International Travel Insurance

International travel insurance provides protection against unseen emergencies during transit. Considering the fact that while travelling overseas, you will be unacquainted to many things, international travel insurance comes as a helping hand! This policy safeguards against losses such as delay of a flight, loss of baggage, stolen documents, emergency evacuation, medical care, etc.

Knowing the importance of international travel insurance, let's have a look on how to buy a good plan!

Tips for Buying International Travel Insurance

Overseas Travel Insurance – Know the Covers

Overseas travel insurance ensures a safe trip by providing essential benefits in the form of coverage. Basic covers offered by international travel insurance are as follows:

  • Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Coverage
  • Loss of Baggage
  • Emergency Medical Treatment or Assistance
  • Loss of Important Documents
  • Hijack of a Plane
  • Personal Accidents
  • Emergency Financial Assistance In case if you suffered robbery of theft

Also, overseas travel insurance offers coverage based on – Student Travel, Business Travel and Leisure Travel.

Buying Cheap Travel Insurance

When you look for a plan, you should first analyse your needs that you would want while travelling abroad. For example, as per your health conditions, what are the medical coverage you would require? What is the purpose of your travelling? Is it a holiday travel or a business travel? If you are travelling for business purpose you may likely need a cover on important documents (that you would be carrying), and so on. Your international travel premium will only depend on the type of cover you seek for! That is why, choosing the necessary coverage, is very important, as opting for extra covers will only incur you more cost.

Compare Travel Insurance

One essential thing everyone should do is, compare policies! International travel insurance plans offer coverage for all possible emergencies during transit. A quick comparison of your requirements with different insurer's plans and parameters would give you a better idea. It is always better to have several quotations with you, along with their claims, terms & conditions and their advantages. After making a comparison, shortlist the most preferred and opt for one that meets your objective.

Best Travel Insurance Companies

Before buying a plan, one should consider and review multiple companies. Below is a list of some of the good travel insurance plans offered by the top Insurance companies:


Travel Insurance Claim

For making an international travel insurance claim during an emergency medical treatment, customers have to present the travel insurance documents to the medical service provider. The medical bills are settled directly by the insurer with the medical service provider. This service may count as a cashless service.

While registering an international travel insurance claim, customers have to submit the following details (refer the image)



Travelling overseas is not less than a dream! But, having a safe and secure trip, always gives you peace of mind. International Travel Insurance goes a long way in making a well-planned, safe and enjoyable trip!

Make great travel memories by travelling often in an insured way!

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