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Best Travel Insurance Companies in India

Updated on January 15, 2021 , 719 views

Want to know best Travel Insurance companies in India? You are at the right place! But, before getting into it, let us briefly look at the essentials of this insurance plan. This policy provides coverage against losses incurred during your travel such as trip delay, loss of passport, loss of baggage, medical expenses, Personal Accident, trip cancellation, etc. Travel Insurance policy can be bought for a single trip or for multiple trips. The travel insurance plans available in the market are designed as per consumer requirements, amongst which, various plans include International Travel Insurance, Student Travel Insurance, Senior Citizen Travel Insurance, Business Travel Insurance, Individual Travel Insurance, Travel health insurance, etc.


Best Travel Insurance Plans: How to Choose

Travel Insurance works as a shield against any loss during transit. Therefore, opting for the best travel insurance policy matters a lot. When looking for travel plans, make sure you are considering these following parameters.

Adequate Cover

Make sure you have the following covers in a plan-

  • Medical cover
  • Cashless hospitalisation
  • Loss of baggage, passport, travel papers, driving license, etc.
  • Delay or missed in trip
  • Flight related accidents
  • Relief benefits in case of hijack.

Renewable Features

Renewability feature has great benefits. It can save your money and time. You can choose this option to continue your existing policy before an expiry date. Also, if you want to renew a policy, any medical condition that may have occurred during your previous plan will be exempt from the clause 'pre-existing condition'. Instead, if you buy a new plan, it would be considered as a pre-existing condition but you may be charged extra cash to get it covered.


Refund Policy

Sometimes, due to various reason you may need to change your travel plans or may need to cancel the tickets. In such cases, some of the best travel insurance plans in the market tend to provide a partial refund (if mentioned in their claim process). While travelling, make sure you have the contact details of the insurer handy at all times.

Best Travel Insurance Companies in India

As per the market demand and consumers interest, many Insurance companies are adding a division of travel insurance. But, when it comes to buying a travel plan, one should always choose the best travel insurance company. Therefore, here's a list of some insurance companies that fall under the top travel insurers in India.

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Travel insurance is a booming industry. Every company has something different to offer, with different premium. It is, therefore, advisable to check their claim process, their covers and the kinds of benefits you may get. Remember, always opt for-Best Travel Insurance Company!

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