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Aviva Life Insurance

Updated on July 16, 2024 , 9112 views

Aviva Group is a British multinational insurance company founded in the year 2000. It joined hands with Dabur Invest Corp – one of India’s oldest and respected business groups – to form Aviva Life Insurance. With a user base of over 30 million customers, Aviva Life Insurance has its presence over 16 countries. Today, Aviva Life has become one of the key players in the Indian insurance Market. Aviva Life Insurance boasts of being among the very first companies to introduce modern unit-linked insurance plans. Aviva Insurance leads the market with some of the best Child Insurance Plan and also a good Range of world-class products backed by a stout sales force.


Aviva Life Insurance offers a variety of insurance plans to its clients. All the plans are designed to cater the basic needs of their customers with a competitive rate of interest. Aviva term plan and health plans are considered to be among the best in the market.

Aviva Life Insurance Portfolio

Aviva Savings Plan

  • Aviva Dhan Nirman
  • Aviva Dhan Samruddhi
  • Aviva i-Growth
  • Aviva LifeBond Advantage
  • Aviva Live Smart
  • Aviva New Family Income Builder
  • Aviva Wealth Builder
  • Aviva Dhan Vriddhi Plus
  • Aviva Affluence

Aviva Retirement/Pension Plans

  • Aviva annuity Plus
  • Aviva Next Innings Pension Plan
  • Aviva Dhan Samruddhi
  • Aviva iGrowth
  • Aviva Live Smart
  • Aviva Family New Income Builder
  • Aviva Wealth Builder
  • Aviva Life bond Advantage
  • Aviva Dhan Vriddhi Plus
  • Aviva Affluence

Aviva Protection Plans

  • Aviva i-Life
  • Aviva i-Shield
  • Aviva Life Shield Advantage
  • Aviva Life Shield Platinum
  • Aviva Life Shield Plus
  • Aviva Sampoorna Suraksha
  • Aviva Extra Cover

Aviva Rural Plans

  • Aviva Jan Suraksha
  • Aviva Nayi Grameen Suraksha

Aviva Life Group Term Insurance Plans

  • Aviva Corporate Life Plus
  • Aviva Corporate Shield Plus

Aviva Gratuity/Leave Encashment Plans

  • Aviva New Traditional Employee Benefit
  • Aviva Group Gratuity Advantage
  • Aviva New Group Leave Encashment Plan

Aviva Rural/Credit Protection Plans

  • Aviva Credit Plus
  • Aviva Credit Suraksha
  • Aviva Group Life Protect

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The company aims to be among the leading insurers in India with a quality business structure based on sustainable growth. It has a strong sales force of over 12,000 financial planning advisors. Also, it boasts of a robust distribution network of 108 branches across India and has partnered with leading banks like DBS for Bancassurance.

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