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PNB MetLife Insurance

Updated on June 13, 2024 , 28433 views

PNB MetLife insurance Company Ltd. is a joint endeavour between Punjab National Bank – One of India’s largest nationalised banks – and MetLife Insurance – a global insurance brand. PNB MetLife Insurance is one of the notable life Insurance companies in India and was launched in 2001. PNB MetLife insurance plans are regarded to be the among the well-crafted plans in the insurance Market. The company's Term Insurance plans offer with options like long-term savings, life cover and retirement.


PNB MetLife Insurance term plans offer superior insurance as well as investment options. PNB MetLife has a healthy claim settlement ratio of 92.90%. The company has the expertise of Met Life and credibility of Punjab National Bank. It has grown very quickly to be recognised among the top insurance companies in India. PNB MetLife has over 7000 centres across the country to sell insurance and help its customers. Also, PNB MetLife Insurance has over 10,000 financial advisors and provides over 1,200 corporate firms with Group Insurance plans.

PNB MetLife Insurance Plans

PNB MetLife Protection Plans

  • MetLife Mera Term Plan

PNB MetLife Savings Plans

  • MetLife Money Back Plan
  • MetLife Bachat Yojana
  • MetLife Guaranteed Savings Plan
  • MetLife Guaranteed Income Plan
  • MetLife Bhavishya Plus
  • MetLife Endowment Savings Plan

PNB MetLife Rural Plans

  • MetLife Gramin Ashraya
  • MetLife Bhavishya Plus
  • MetLife Bachat Yojana

PNB MetLife Child Plans

  • MetLife Money Back Plan
  • MetLife Smart Platinum
  • MetLife Easy Super
  • MetLife College Plan
  • MetLife Bhavishya Plus
  • MetLife Smart Child

PNB MetLife Wealth Plans

  • MetLife Mera Wealth Plan
  • MetLife Smart Platinum
  • MetLife Easy Super
  • MetLife Smart One

PNB MetLife Retirement Plans

PNB MetLife Group Plans

  • MetLife Unit Linked Employee Benefit Plan
  • MetLife Traditional Employee Benefits Plan
  • MetLife Superannuation
  • MetLife Loan and Life Suraksha
  • MetLife Complete care Plus
  • MetLife Group Term Life Plus

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PNB MetLife Online Payment

PNB MetLife Insurance online payment can be made on its website portal. PNB MetLife term plans provide you with all the information regarding the plan and life cover. PNB MetLife Insurance premiums are well designed and are economical for its policyholders. PNB MetLife has been reporting profits since last five years as on mid-2016. PNB Metlife also offers its policyholders term insurance calculator on its website. The customer has to enter their details to know the premium for the plan they think is best for them.

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