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HSBC Mutual Fund Launches HSBC Equity Hybrid Fund

Updated on May 17, 2024 , 702 views

HSBC Mutual Fund Company announces to launch HSBC Equity Hybrid Fund. It is an open-ended hybrid scheme that will invest in equity and equity related securities as well as fixed Income instruments.

The scheme is an Asset Allocation product with a mix of equity and Fixed Income. HSBC Equity Hybrid Fund will benefit from the long-term growth potential of equity Mutual Fund and also advantage from lower Volatility due to fixed income exposure.

HSBC Equity Hybrid Fund will be managed by Neelotpal Sahai, Head-equities, HSBC Global AMC India and Sanjay Shah, Head-Fixed Income, HSBC Global AMC India.

4 Main Benefits of HSBC Equity Hybrid Fund

  • The higher equity exposure will help in achieving long-term growth and increase the potential of beating Inflation

  • The right mix of asset classes helps to achieve better risk-adjusted returns

  • The equity taxation will advantage in a dual Asset Class Portfolio

  • The new fund will benefit from automatic portfolio re-balancing

CEO, HSBC AMC on HSBC Equity Hybrid Fund

Ravi Menon, CEO, HSBC Global Asset Management Company India, commented on the new fund launch saying that, “We believe that this fund is well positioned to offer an optimal asset allocation best suited for long-term investors. Being sector and Market capitalization agnostic, it ensures that opportunities across sectors are leveraged for long term Capital appreciation.” Menon further added that, “given the strong signs of growth in the Indian Economy, we are confident that this fund will allow investors to reap the long term benefits of both, the equity and fixed income markets through an optimum asset allocation strategy.”

The new fund will follow a flexi-strategy and sector agnostic style. The flexi-strategy allows the fund to capitalize on opportunities across market capitalizations and the sector agnostic style helps in building a diversified portfolio.

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