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Niryat Rin Vikas Yojana

Updated on February 29, 2024 , 497 views

India's Export Credit Guarantee Corporation (ECGC) introduced the NIRVIK Scheme, also known as the Niryat Rin Vikas Yojana, intending to make loans and credit more accessible to small-scale exporters.The NIRVIK scheme, which the Finance Minister announced at the presentation of the Union Budget for 2020–2021 on February 1st, 2020, will help the Indian Economy's export sector.

Niryat Rin Vikas Yojana

Exporters can settle claims more quickly and with greater insurance coverage thanks to this program. When presenting the budget, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman spoke about this program.

Purpose of Niryat Rin Vikas Yojana

Niryat Rin Vikas Yojana is established to ensure that exporters access loans. Here is more about its purposes:

  • According to this program, exporters will receive greater Insurance Coverage to boost investment in India during a period of slow exports
  • It has been introduced as a new program to increase export credit disbursement
  • The NIRVIK scheme will aid Micro, Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (MSME) exporters by increasing tax reimbursement. Banks can obtain additional facilities through this with ECGS insurance coverage
  • The scheme's foreign currency export credit interest rate will Range from 4% to 8% through improved insurance coverage
  • The Finance Ministry anticipates that the Niryat Rin Vikas Yojana will lower the cost of loans and Capital gains insurance coverage

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Characteristics of the NIRVIK Scheme

Here are all the characteristics of the NIRVIK scheme:

  • Growth of the Commercial Sector

The main objective of the central government is to give the export and commercial sectors a much-needed boost

  • Simple Loan Application

Exporters would be able to apply for loans from banking institutions under this scheme. The plan guarantees that application for business financing will be simpler as well. Additionally, banks can increase loan amounts more effectively and economically

  • Interest Rates on Loans

Under this plan, every short exporter who applies for a business loan will be charged a 7.6% of annual interest rate

  • Principal and Interest Amounts Covered

Small exporters will be given a minimum of 90% coverage from the central authority on both the principal and interest aggregates with the implementation of this new central government program

  • Refunding Bank Losses

A crucial statement clarifies that banks won't be inconsolable about unpaid loans. If the exporter fails to repay the credit amount, the ECGC will be responsible for paying back the banks

  • Reduction in Insurance Premium Rates

Since insurance coverage is required for both small and large exporters, insurance premium prices are being reduced. The new system's rules reduce the annual insurance gratuity from 0.72% to 0.60%. Only a few exporters will have access to this establishment

  • Program Duration

Once officially anticipated, the relevant ministry has stated that the plan will last five years

  • Bank Loan Repayment Period

Small exporters may experience financial setbacks and be unable to repay their Bank loans. The program guarantees banks would receive 50% of the credited amount if they declare impairments. The money will be moved back into the bank within 30 business days

  • Encourage Banks to Lend

As this program protects banks, this financial institution will be more eager to turn down a loan request from a small exporter

Advantages of the NIRVIK Program

Here is a list of all the benefits associated with NIRVIK:

  • The NIRVIK scheme will be essential in increasing the availability and affordability of loans for exporters, increasing the competitiveness of Indian exports
  • It will eliminate customary red tape and other formal obstacles to becoming exporter-friendly
  • With variables like capital relief, improved liquidity, and rapid claim settlement, the enhanced insurance cover is projected to lower the cost of credit
  • Due to the convenience of conducting business and the simplification of ECGC procedures, MSMEs will also gain from it

Application Requirements

Here are the eligibility criteria to apply for the NIRVIK scheme:

  • Only Small Exporters: According to the scheme rules, only small exporters would be eligible to apply for and benefit from this newly officially supported effort
  • Indian-Owned Companies: An Indian citizen must own the business to benefit from the programme
  • Limit on Bank Accounts: According to the details of the scheme, exporters with bank account limits under Rs. 80 crores would be eligible for the cheap premium rate

Documents Required for Application

For the application processing, the following documents have to be submitted:

  • Business Registration Paperwork

Regardless of the type of export agency, the owner must present all necessary documentation demonstrating that the company is legal

  • GST Certificate

The required registration documents, which the GST administration issues, are required for all small exporters

  • Business PAN

Exporters would not be allowed to apply for this plan if they do not have a business PAN Card issued in the organisation's name

  • ID of Owners

Owners' identities must be verified with identifying documents, such as the Aadhar card, whether owned by a single person or a partnership. This is done to ensure that the claimants are who they say they are

  • Bank Loan Certificates

All loan-related documentation must be reviewed if the applicants have applied for and been approved for a bank loan

  • Insurance Documents

All interested small exporters must submit insurance policy-related paperwork if they want to be eligible for benefits

How do Exporters Submit the Application?

The finance ministry is the only one to have declared the NIRVIK scheme. Its precise debut date has not yet been specified. Therefore, small exporters can be interested in receiving this scheme's benefits or not can't be predicted yet. You can read the most recent updates on the website as soon as the central government makes any new announcements. The program will help to protect the interests of small exporters. Knowing that the federal government will support them in a financial crisis may encourage them to take more risks. The country's trade and commerce sectors will benefit from these initiatives. As a result, the country's overall financial revenue will also rise.


By providing banks with more insurance coverage, NIRVIK makes arrangements for lenders to occasionally receive payment from the government if loans are not returned. This and other steps were anticipated to make it easier for banks to approve loans for exporters. The new NIRVIK plan, which offers extensive insurance coverage, reduced rates for small exporters. It also simplifies the claim resolution processes and is introduced to improve export credit flow. As a result, the exporters will have more freedom to run their operations. The success of this plan will decide the exporters' independence, so it is a plan to watch closely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who else is included in this plan except for exporters, GJD sectors, and the like?

A: Consumer banks are also eligible for coverage advantages under this program. If a company projects a loss, banks are eligible for a repayment of 50% of the loan amount within 30 days of filing a formal complaint.

2. What advantages do businesses receive from the NIRVIK scheme?

A: Businesses are eligible for a 90% return in the event of anticipated losses.

All efforts have been made to ensure the information provided here is accurate. However, no guarantees are made regarding correctness of data. Please verify with scheme information document before making any investment.
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