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IndusInd Bank Savings Account

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IndusInd is the first among the new-generation private banks in India. The Bank started its operations with a Capital amount of Rs. 1 billion, out of which Rs. 600 million was raised by Indian residents and Rs. 400 million by Non-resident Indians. The bank caters to your needs and demands by bringing various Savings Account into operation. The IndusInd bank saving accounts are creatively crafted to suit your banking requirements.

IndusInd Bank

Types of IndusInd Bank Savings Account

1. Indus Online Savings Account

You can open Indus Online Savings account instantly by simply completing the online application. There are different options from which you can choose, such as Indus Online Account - premium Debit Card, Indus Online Account - Instant Funding and Indus Privilege Online Account.

2. Indus Exclusive Savings Account

This IndusInd savings account is designed with the top privileges to ensure best banking experiences. With this account, you will get a free exclusive platinum debit card for a lifetime. You can also enjoy buy one and get one free movie ticket from Bookmyshow.

3. Indus Select Savings Account

This account by IndusInd gives you a free exclusive platinum debit card for a lifetime. Also, you can avail buy one and get one free movie ticket from Bookmyshow.

4. Indus Maxima Savings Account

Indus Maxima Savings Account gives you premium and exclusive services with the maximum platinum debit card. You get the benefits of two free add-on accounts.

5. Indus Privilege Max Savings Account

Resident individuals, minors, societies, charitable trusts, etc., can open this account. Indus Privilege Max offers a host of banking solutions that cater to all your financial needs. The account offers an IndusInd Titanium Plus Debit Card, which is light on pocket and heavy on benefits. You can book a movie show from BookMyShow.

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6. Indus Privilege Savings Account

This IndusInd bank savings account is a privilege account that offers value for your money. It offers free Indus Young Savers account and cashback through the Indus Money Program. The major benefit is to avail reward points on the debit card that this account offers.

7. Indus Privilege Active

Basis your monthly spend or save transactions, Indus Privilege Active offers this account with a Zero Balance Facility along with a host of other benefits.You can open this savings account only through online channels.

8. Indus Diva Savings Account

As the name goes, the Indus Diva Savings Account is meant for a progressive woman of today. It allows you to get a free add-on account for the family and a 25% discount on the standard locker. You can enjoy specially-crafted platinum plus debit card, and operate banking facilities from anywhere across the world.

9. Indus Senior Savings Account

This is an ideal account for senior citizens, which includes special privileges. The account aims to provide complete solace and peace of mind as this account comes with higher returns on your deposits.

10. Indus 3-in-1 Bank Account

This is a unique 3-in-1 account offered by the IndusInd bank for e-trading in the Indian Capital Markets. It provides world-class advisory/research by IndusInd’s broking partner Kotak Securities. If you have an existing savings account with Indusind bank, then it can be used for trading purpose.

11. Indus Young Saver Savings Account

In order to provide a strong responsibility in securing the financial future of your child, the IndusInd bank offers a balanced Portfolio of savings and investment solutions for your child. You can get a personalised debit card wherein you can add a personal photo to the card. The chequebook will have your child’s name.

12. Indus Classic Savings Account

Indus Classic Savings Account offers reward points for every transaction you make. You can get an international classic visa, international gold visa and platinum Visa Debit Card, along with a free monthly e-statement. The debit card gives you access to over 1.2 lakh ATMs and over 9 lakh merchant establishments.

13. Indus Easy Savings Account

This is a Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (BSBDA), which offers you the maximum benefits with minimum requirements. You can enjoy all your basic banking facilities at 'No minimum balance' and 'complete KYC done'. The account offers you a free ATM card and monthly e-statement.

14. Indus Small Savings Account

This IndusInd saving account comes with a zero balance facility. You get a free ATM card, wherein you can enjoy five free domestic transactions in a month. Resident individuals above 18 years of age can open this account.

Eligibility Criteria for Savings Bank Account with IndusInd Bank

Customers should meet the following criteria to open a savings account with the bank:

  • The person should be a citizen of India.
  • The individual should be 18 years of age or above except in case of a minor savings account.
  • The customers need to submit valid identity and address proof to the bank that is Government approved.
  • Once the bank approves the submitted documents, the applicant will have to make an initial deposit depending upon the savings account.

Steps to Open IndusInd Bank Savings Account Online

  • Visit the official website of Induslnd Bank
  • On the homepage you will find PERSONAL, under the drop-down you will find the option of Savings account
  • As there are various types of saving account, under each category, there is an option to Apply Online
  • Pick the desired saving account and follow the path
  • You would need your Aadhaar and PAN Card for opening saving account online

IndusInd Savings Bank Account Customer Care

For solving your queries and doubts you can Call IndusInd Bank’s toll-free number- 1860 500 5004.

You can also send an email to the bank on following email id:


Enjoy many rewards and privileges while banking with IndusInd Bank. Customers of all age groups can open a savings account, which is one of the big features of banking with IndusInd bank.


1. Does IndusInd Bank have more than one savings account?

A: Yes, the bank offers its customers nearly 12 different types of savings account. Each of these accounts is designed to meet the specific requirements of customers. For example, if you want to open a basic savings account, then you can opt for the Indus Online Savings Account.

2. How can I open a bank account online?

A: IndusInd bank has made it easy for customers to open a savings account online. Log-in to the website of the bank. After that, you will have to fill in the form by providing your data. This will give you an idea of the account that you can open with the bank, and once you have identified a suitable account, you can complete the application process.

3. Do the interest rates vary with the balance in my account?

A: Yes, the interest paid by the bank will vary depending on your account balance. For example:

  • For daily balance up to Rs. 1 lakh, the bank will pay interest up to 4% p.a.
  • For daily balance above Rs. 1 lakh and below Rs. 10 lakhs, the bank will pay interest up to 5% p.a. • For a daily balance above Rs. 10 lakhs, the bank will pay interest to 6% p.a.

4. Does IndusInd bank offer any savings account for women?

A: Yes, women can open an Indus Diva Savings Account, which is designed exclusively for women. With this account, you will get a 25% discount on a standard locker with the bank, and you will also get a platinum debit card. You can use this debit anywhere internationally.

5. Does IndusInd bank offer any savings account for senior citizens?

A: Yes, the bank offers the Indus Senior Privilege Account or the Indus Senior Maxima Savings for senior citizens. These accounts have exclusive facilities to help the senior citizens enjoy better facilities. Additionally, these accounts also have better interest rates on the savings.

6. Is there any minimum balance required to open a senior citizen account?

A: You will have to maintain a monthly balance of Rs.10,000 for the Indus Senior Privilege account and a quarterly average balance of Rs. 25,000 for the Indus Senior Maxima Savings account.

7. What is the zero balance account of IndusInd Bank?

A: IndusInd Bank is one of the few that offers the zero balance facility. Here, you will receive an ATM card, and anyone above the age of 18 can open an account. In other words, even if your account has zero balance, you will not be charged for it.

8. Can an NRI open an account with IndusInd Bank?

A: Yes, an NRI can open an account with IndusInd Bank. However, you'll have to produce passport and proof that you've spent at least 180 days outside India to open an NRI account. You will also have to produce evidence of residency in India.

All efforts have been made to ensure the information provided here is accurate. However, no guarantees are made regarding correctness of data. Please verify with scheme information document before making any investment.
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