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Cash Flow from Investing Activities

Updated on November 30, 2022 , 2767 views

What are Cash Flow from Investing Activities?

cash flow from Investing Activities is an integral part of the cash flow statement of a company. The given tool or parameter is used for reporting the amount of cash that has been spent or generated from various activities related to investment during a particular period. Some of the common investing activities of an organization are known to include the sale of securities, sale of assets, investment in securities, purchase of physical assets, and so more.

Cash Flow from Investing Activities

Negative cash flow often indicates the overall poor performance of the company. However, a negative cash flow that results from the investing activities might occur due to significant amounts of cash that is invested across the long-term health of the given firm including research and development.

Understanding of Cash Flow from Investing Activities

Before we advance with getting an understanding of the different types of negative and positive cash flows from the relevant investing activities, it is imperative for an organization to review where the respective investment activities fall within the given financial statements. There are three core types of financial statements – Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet, and income statement.

The cash flow statement is responsible for bridging the gap between the balance sheet and the Income statement by revealing the amount of cash that is spent on or generated through financing, investing, and operating activities for the given period.

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Types of Cash Flow

The cash flow statement is responsible for providing the account of the cash utilized in operations, including - investing, financing, and working Capital.

Cash Flow from Operating

The operating activities are known to include the sources or spending of cash that is involved in the day-to-day business activities of the company. Any cash that is generated from or spent on the products & services of the company is listed in the given section including:

  • income tax payments
  • Interest payments
  • Wages & salaries paid
  • Cash received from the sale of goods & services
  • Payments to the respective suppliers for goods and inventory required for production

Cash Flow from Financing

The cash that gets spent on or generated from the financing activities is known to reveal the net cash flows in the process of funding the operations of the company. Some of the financing activities include:

  • Stock repurchases
  • Dividend payments
  • bond offerings for generating cash

Cash Flow from Investing

The given section is known to include the account of cash utilized in the purchase of long-term assets or non-current assets. This transaction is known to deliver value in the coming times. Investing activities serve to be important aspects of the overall growth & capital of the company. Some of the instances of cash flow due to investing activities for generating positive or negative cash flows are:

  • Sale of investment securities
  • Purchase of fixed assets
  • Lending money
  • Purchase of investments
  • Collection of loans
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