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Mutual Fund Investments Statement Request

Updated on May 24, 2024 , 7179 views

This guide will help understand how to place direct request for a statement to AMC and get it delivered to your registered email address in PDF (Portable Document Format) which can easily be opened in PDF readers like Adobe Acrobat Reader of Google Documents some browsers do support PDF formats with reading capabilities.

Statement Card

Fincash has launched new feature to all investors where once can request statements instantaneously to their email inbox. This measure is to improve investors service & transparency in dealings done. So no more waiting for our Support Staff responses now you can do it all at a Tap/click youself.

Users must login to fincash app or on mobile or desktop browser to avail this Facility.

1. Choose Statement Type from Dashboard

a. Web Menu

FIncash Statement Menu Choose type of statement one need. These links are shortcuts to the respective statements and one can choose from.

b. Mobile Website / APP

FIncash Statement Menu Mobile Choose type of statement one need.

2. Types of Statements

Choose Type of statements from the options in menus as show in the image.

Type of Statement

a. Consolidated Statements

Consolidated Statement

These statements cover all investor holdings or transactions for a period of choice or Current or previous financial year. This statement is consolidated across all investments (With all the AMC's) related to email registered with us. if want current holdings only a summary statement will fullfill the purpose where as a detailed (with transaction in time period) can be choosen as an option for details of purchase and redemptions across all investments associated with email id registered with us. Generally password to open such statement is PAN (Permanent Account Number) Issued by income tax Department in UPPERCASE.

b. Folio Statements

Folio Statement

These statements are statement of a given folio with respective AMC (Asset Management Company i.e. Reliance Mutual Fund). One need to choose folio from the dropdown for which a statement is required.

c. Tax Saving/ ELSS statements

Tax Statement

These statements are all folio statements which consists ELSS / Tax Saving Scheme investments. This can be short in a click and all statements will be dispatched seperately.

After choosing desired options users need to click the button to submit the request for desired statements.

All efforts have been made to ensure the information provided here is accurate. However, no guarantees are made regarding correctness of data. Please verify with scheme information document before making any investment.
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