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How to Invest in Mutual Funds?

Updated on May 25, 2024 , 22700 views

Investing in Mutual Funds in India is gaining popularity. Investors are now asking questions such as "How to Invest in the Stock Market?", "Which are the Top Mutual Funds companies in India ?", or "which are the best mutual funds in India ?". Mutual Funds for a layman are still a complex topic, there are various calculators, various Types of Mutual Funds, 44 Mutual Fund companies, etc, however, investors frequently ask the question, "How to invest in Mutual Funds in India ?". Below are some of the commonly available routes to invest in Mutual Funds in India.

Easy Methods to Invest in MF


1. Invest Via AMC Directly

There are 44 Mutual Fund companies( also called Asset Management Companies(AMC)) in India, investors can approach the AMCs directly, go to their website or go to the office of the AMC to invest. The list of 44 AMCs is below for reference:

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2. Invest in Mutual Funds Via Distributors

Investors can also use the services of a distributor. Today distributors such as banks, NBFCs and other entities offer services for distribution of Mutual Funds.There are many such entities in India providing distribution services for Mutual Funds.

3. Invest in Mutual Funds through IFAS

Today there are more than 90,000 IFAs in India. Investors can approach these individual financial advisers and invest in Mutual Funds through these persons. IFAs are spread across the country, to know the IFAs close to a particular vicinity (by inputting PIN code) one can visit the AMFI website and get this information.

4. Investing in Mutual Funds Via Brokers

Mutual funds are offered through the offline and online mode by many brokers (e.g ICICI Direct, Kotak Securities etc). The offline mode(also called physical mode) is where the customer fills a paper form. Some brokers use the "demat mode" for investing, in the demat mode the units of the mutual funds get credited into the demat account of the investor.

5. Mutual Funds through Online Portals

There are many online portals today that offer paperless services where investors can sit at home or office and invest their hard earned money. These portals are also called "robo-advisors" and offer many services other than just transaction services.

Best Performing Mutual Funds 2024

FundNAVNet Assets (Cr)3 MO (%)6 MO (%)1 YR (%)3 YR (%)5 YR (%)2023 (%)
DSP BlackRock Natural Resources and New Energy Fund Growth ₹93.039
↑ 0.04
DSP BlackRock Equity Opportunities Fund Growth ₹554.851
↑ 1.42
DSP BlackRock US Flexible Equity Fund Growth ₹53.2654
↓ -0.35
L&T Emerging Businesses Fund Growth ₹77.7949
↓ -0.18
L&T India Value Fund Growth ₹100.699
↑ 0.43
Note: Returns up to 1 year are on absolute basis & more than 1 year are on CAGR basis. as on 24 May 24

How to Invest in Mutual Funds Online?

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  3. Upload Documents (PAN, Aadhaar, etc.). And, You are Ready to Invest!

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Hence there are many routes available for customers to invest in Mutual Funds. As an investor, one should choose a route that seems most convenient but also allows the investor to make a correct decision. While investors may choose any route that is convenient to invest, it is important to consider the goal, risk appetite and Asset Allocation while making investments. Additionally, one needs to check that those offering the services are carrying the relevant license/registrations etc to ensure that the entity/person being used for these services is able to provide sound and quality inputs.

All efforts have been made to ensure the information provided here is accurate. However, no guarantees are made regarding correctness of data. Please verify with scheme information document before making any investment.
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