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Top Debit Cards of 2024 - 2025 you Must Know!

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Debit cards are one of the widely used modes of cashless transactions. It is used for withdrawing cash, online shopping, making payments, etc. The basic reason why it is preferred by the masses is that it doesn’t attract any trouble like debt and interest rates. It also helps in budgeting because you know how much you’re spending from your Bank account.

Top Debit Cards

But, in order to enjoy the best rewards, benefits and privileges, choosing the Best debit cards is important.

Best Debit Cards to Pick 2024 - 2025

1. Best SBI Debit Cards

SBI offers a wide Range of debit cards to cater to the needs and demands of their various customers. These are some of the popular debit cards offered by the State Bank of India:

  • State Bank Classic Debit Card
  • State Bank Silver International Debit Card
  • State Bank Global International Debit Card
  • State bank Gold International Debit Card
  • SBI Platinum International Debit Card
  • SBI Mumbai Metro Combo Card
  • SBIIntouch Tap and Go Debit Card
  • SBI Pride Card
  • SBI premium Debit Card

Features and Benefits

  • Zero processing fee for cash withdrawal at any SBI ATM across the country.
  • The bank offers a 3D online security service for secure transactions in collaboration with Visa and MasterCard.
  • You can earn 1 reward point for every Rs. 200 spent using any of the cards. These reward points can be accumulated and redeemed in exchange for exciting gifts and offers.
  • Get 10% additional discount on shopping for grocery at
  • Get Rs. 500 gift coupon from Amazon on minimum purchase of Rs. 5000 for first three purchases.

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2. Best HDFC Debit Cards

HDFC bank offers many debit cards to serve the growing needs of its customers. Here's a list of popular HDFC debit cards:

  • Millenia Debit Card
  • Easyshop Imperia Platinum Chip Debit Card
  • Easyshop Preferred Platinum Debit Card
  • Easyshop Classic Platinum Debit Card
  • Easyshop Platinum Debit Card
  • Times Points Debit Card
  • HDFC Bank Rewards Debit Card
  • Easyshop Business Debit Card
  • RuPay Premium Debit Card
  • Easy Shop Rupay NRO Debit Card
  • JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Signature Debit Card
  • Easyshop Debit Card
  • Easyshop Woman’s Advantage Debit Card
  • Easyshop Titanium Royal Debit Card
  • Easyshop Titanium Debit Card
  • Easyshop NRO Debit Card
  • Easyshop Gold Debit Card
  • Jet Privilege HDFC Bank World Debit Card

Features and Benefits

  • Various websites offer a cashback or additional discount on making transactions using HDFC debit cards.
  • You get EMI offers for making purchases using your debit card.
  • Enjoy various rewards schemes that can be redeemed for goodies and gifts.
  • Free health insurance coverage available on premium cards.

3. Best Axis Bank Debit Cards

Axis Bank offers the following debit cards to its customers:

  • Burgundy Debit Card
  • Priority Debit Card
  • Prestige Debit Card
  • Delight Debit Card
  • Value Plus Debit card
  • Online Reward Debit Card
  • Rewards+ Debit Card
  • Secure Debit Card
  • RuPay Platinum Debit Card
  • Power Salute Debit Card
  • Wealth Debit Card
  • Youth Debit Card

Features and Benefits

  • The bank offers reward points for all your domestic and international expenses.
  • You will be eligible for cashbacks on certain purchases.
  • You can avail discounts up to 20% on dining at partner restaurants.
  • Earn vouchers and gifts from AXIS Bank for spending a minimum amount.

4. Best ICICI Bank Debit Cards

ICICI Bank offers numerous personal debit cards that will take care of your requirements and suit every need of yours.

  • ICICI Bank Wealth Select Visa Infinite Debit Card
  • Signature Debit Card
  • World Debit Card
  • Titanium Family Debit Card
  • Gold Family Debit Card
  • Platinum Chip Card
  • Titanium Debit Card
  • Woman’s Debit Card
  • Smart Shopper Silver Debit Card
  • HPCL Debit Card
  • Privilege Banking Gold Debit Card
  • Gold Debit Card
  • Smart Shopper Silver Debit Card
  • NRE Debit Card
  • NRO Debit Card
  • Senior Citizen Gold
  • Senior Citizen Silver
  • Young Stars Debit Card

Features and Benefits

  • Get a minimum 15% discount on dining at leading restaurants across India.
  • Earn reward points for purchases made using the debit card.
  • Get complimentary airport lounge access on purchasing premium cards.
  • Free shopping vouchers from various e-commerce websites.

5. Best Yes Bank Debit Cards

Yes bank offers a wide variety of debit cards to suit the needs and requirements of its customers.

  • Yes Premia World Debit Card
  • Yes Prosperity Platinum Debit Card
  • Yes Prosperity Titanium Plus Debit Card
  • Yes Prosperity Titanium Debit Card
  • Yes Prosperity Rupay Platinum Debit card
  • Yes Bank Rupay Kisan Debit Card
  • Yes Bank PMJDY Rupay Chip Debit Card

Features and Benefits

  • Earn rewards equivalent to the amount of purchase.
  • Get complimentary gift cards for online shopping.
  • Get discounts on various shopping outlets and clothing brands.
  • Secured payment privilege for prevention of theft and fraud.

6. Best Kotak Mahindra Debit Cards

Some of the popular debits cards by Kotak bank are as follows:

  • Platinum Debit Card
  • Easy Pay Debit Card
  • #PayShopMore Debit Card
  • Rupay Debit Card
  • World Debit Card
  • Privy League Platinum Debit Card
  • Business Power Platinum Debit Card
  • Gold Debit Card
  • Classic one Debit Card
  • RuPay India Debit Card
  • Infinite Wealth Management Debit Card
  • Privy League Signature Debit Card
  • Access India Debit Card
  • Jifi Platinum Debit Card
  • Business Class Gold Debit Card

Features and Benefits

  • You can get an unlimited number of withdrawals at all ATMs.
  • You can track all your day-to-day expenses in real-time.
  • Air accident insurance on premium cards.
  • Earn rewards and avail discount offers for your purchases.
  • Get SMS alerts for all your transactions.

7. HSBC Debit Card

The bank offers exciting shopping benefits on debit cards.

  • HSBC Debit Card
  • HSBC Advance Platinum Debit Card
  • HSBC Premier Platinum Debit Card

Features and Benefits

  • Enjoy host of privileges and benefits on shopping, higher-spends, etc.
  • The debit cards are internationally valid and very handy when you are traveling abroad.
  • Manage your card transaction limits via HSBC India Mobile App.
  • Protection against fraudulent purchase transactions.

Note - Please refer to the official website of the respective bank to read the features, fees, and other information before applying.

How to Choose Best Debit Cards?

Different debit cards come with different features, but to pick the right one, you need to shortlist certain features like-

Payment System

Visa and Mastercard payment systems are the most widely used payment systems across the world. They can be used at the merchant’s establishment globally and come with a 4-digit PIN verification for making secure transactions. Rupay is a commonly known domestic payment system in India. Lower transaction fees, zero network registration charges and faster transactions make it an ideal option for carrying out transactions domestically.

Transaction cost

Different banks charge a different transaction cost as a point of sale (POS), ATM withdrawal, foreign transactions, etc. While picking a card, ensure you check such charges. The typical transaction cost is Rs. 20 + GST for the financial transaction (withdrawing cash) for non-financials (checking balance enquiry, changing ATM Pin, getting mini statement etc), it can vary from Rs. 8 to Rs. 20 + GST.

Service Charges

Though this differs from bank to bank, it is absolutely necessary to check it. For example, a service charge of Rs. 0.25% will be charged for debit card transaction worth Rs. 1000 and 0.5% on transactions worth Rs. 2000. Also, check the issuance charges, maintenance charges and card replacement charges attached with debit cards.


Ensure that the debit card offers facilities like internet banking and mobile banking. You should also check if the bank offers international transaction along with the fees attached to it.


Many banks offer discounts, rewards and cashback for purchases made using a debit card. Banks offer various benefits on dining, movies, travel, online shopping, etc. Make sure you pick the right card that gives you the maximum benefit.


Choosing a bank that offers maximum security coverage on their debit cards is very important. For instance, a 24x7 customer service in case of theft or loss is mandatory. The bank should provide full support and security during customer service.

EMI option

These days many banks offer EMI options on various products. The EMI facilities provided by e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc are applicable only for certain debit cards. In case you need such an option, ensure you check if the bank offers such a Facility.

Eligibility for Debit Card

Here are the requirements you need to qualify for a debit card-

  • You must have an account in the respective bank.
  • You should be at least 18 years old.
  • All the necessary documents need to be submitted while applying for the debit card.
  • A minimum balance must be maintained so as to obtain a debit card.


Now that you have had a look at all the different Types of debit card offered by different various banks, choose wisely that will cater to your requirements and at the same time give you some benefit.


1. Why do I need a debit card? What are its benefits?

Debit cards can help you reduce the use of liquid cash and increase cashless transactions. It also simplifies transactions and eliminates the need to carry heavy cash while travelling or shopping. It also effectively reduces the chance of running into debt, unlike a credit card, as you make purchases based on the amount you've in your bank account.

All major banks allow cardholders to earn reward points for making transactions using the debit

2. How can I get a debit card?

To get a debit card, you need to first open a Savings Account with a bank. Sometimes banks offer debit cards when you open the account; otherwise, you will have to apply for the card separately. Once you get the card, you will have to activate it by visiting the home branch or the nearest ATM counter of your bank.

Every bank has a specific set of steps that you need to follow to activate your ATM card, and you will have to follow the steps provided by your bank. Individual banks allow debit card activation online or over the phone; if your bank provides similar facilities, you can activate your debit card in the manner convenient to you.

3. What are the security measures to ensure?

A: When you get a debit card, keep in mind that you do not share the PIN and debit card details with anyone. Moreover, banks insist that you keep changing the PIN to ensure your account's safety and security.

4. Is there any extra expense to get a debit card?

A: Usually, banks offer debit cards when you open a savings account. However, if you wish to issue a particular type of debit card, you will have to pay the issuance fee. Similarly, if you lose your debit card and want your bank to issue a new one, you will have to pay an issuance charge. Finally, banks usually charge an annual maintenance charge for the debit cards.

5. What is the cost of making a withdrawal from a different bank?

A: In urban centres like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Hyderabad, the maximum number of non-chargeable ATM withdrawals from non-home banks that you can make has been capped at three. Beyond this, you will be charged at least Rs. 8 to 10 per transaction. However, this amount is for nationalized banks. For privatized banks, the transaction fees are higher and are fixed by the respective banks.

6. Can I make an online purchase?

A: Yes, you can make online purchases with the debit card. However, you will have to activate the card before. You will also have to ensure that it has been issued with the prerequisite that you can make online purchases.

7. Can I earn rewards?

A: Yes, major banks offers rewards on transactions. You can redeem the points you earn to purchase vouchers and rewards offered by your bank.

8. Do debit cards have expiry dates?

A: Yes, debit cards have expiry dates. You will find the expiry date embossed on the card.

9. What is the CVV number?

A: The CVV number is the Card Verification Value, the three-digit number printed on the debit card's back. You have to provide this number while making online transactions using the card.

10. What is the PIN of a debit card?

A: The bank initially provides the PIN or the Personal Identification Number along with your debit card. You have to type the PIN while making a cash withdrawal from ATM counters. However, you can also change the PIN as per the process provided by your bank.

All efforts have been made to ensure the information provided here is accurate. However, no guarantees are made regarding correctness of data. Please verify with scheme information document before making any investment.
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Hello, thanks for such a detailed review. Let me give one more suggestion. I use a card named BlackCatCard. That's a Euro MasterCard card. The account is opened via the app. You only need to take a selfie and send a copy of ID to register

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