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Best Student Credit Cards 2024

Updated on May 20, 2024 , 25444 views

Student credit card is decided for college students. With this card, students can manage their monthly expenses with ease. It is basically a type of credit card issued by banks for students who don’t have any Income and are above 18 years of age.

Student Credit Cards

These cards are especially for students who are away from home and want to spend a little extra every month. Student credit cards come with low-interest rates and are valid for five years. These cards can be obtained easily as you don’t have to produce any income-related documents.

Benefits of Student Credit Cards

It is a great option for building your Credit Score. Student credit card comes with lots of features such as - cashbacks and discounts on various purchases, low annual charges, etc. You can use the cards for various purposes like buying books, at gas stations, enrolling for an online course, etc.

Best Student Credit Cards 2024

Here are some of the best student credit cards available in India-

SBI Student Plus Credit Card

This credit card is only to the education loan customers of SBI. SBI Student Plus Advantage Card is an international card, which can be accessed in over 24 million outlets across the globe, including 3,25,000 outlets in India. You can withdraw cash from over 1 million Visa and MasterCard ATMs.

Some of the key benefits of SBI Student Plus Credit Card are as follows:

  • 1 reward for every Rs.100 spent
  • Zero percent fuel surcharge
  • 2.5% value back
  • Zero annual fee, if the total purchases in the previous year exceeds Rs. 35,000
  • Up to 80% cash withdrawal limit can be accessed
  • Renewal fee is Rs. 500 per annum. This is applicable from second year onwards, only if total purchases is less than Rs. 35,000 in the preceding year

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ISIC Student ForexPlus Card

This credit card is accepted as student identity card world wide. It is available in three most widely accepted currencies – USD, Euro and GBP. Students can get money from ATMs in the local currency during travel. You can use at VISA/MasterCard affiliated establishments around the world.

ISIC Student ForexPlus Card comes with EVM chip, which gives your high protection from skimming.

Some of the key details of ISIC Student ForexPlus Card are as follows:

Charges USD Card EURO Card GBP Card
Issuance Fee Rs.300 Rs.300 Rs.300
Reload Fee Rs.75 Rs.75 Rs.75
Re-issue Card Fee Rs.100 Rs.100 Rs.100
ATM Cash Withdrawal USD 2.00 EUR 1.50 GBP 1.00
Balance Enquiry USD 0.50 EUR 0.50 GBP 0.50

ICICI Bank Student Travel Card

This student card comes with host of joining benefits. Applying is easy with hassle-free documentation. You can log-in to iMobile app or visit the nearest ICICI Bank Forex Branch.

Some of the joining benefits of ICICI Bank Student travel card are:

  • International Student Identity Card (ISIC) membership worth Rs. 590
  • Card Protection Plus insurance worth Rs. 1,600
  • Croma shopping voucher
  • Lost card/Counterfeit card liability coverage up to Rs. 5,00,000
  • 40% discount on excess baggage & 20% discount on courier service by DHL

The joining fee of the card is Rs. 499 and annual fee is Rs. 199, which is applied from the second year.

How to Apply for Student Credit Cards?

You can online if you have a Fixed Deposit or a Savings Account. Visit the website of the respective bank and fill in the details like full name, residential address, phone number, etc. Once you fill these, click on the proceed button.

Note that not all students can apply for a student credit card. Every bank has its own different set of rules and criteria for providing a student credit card.

To be eligible for a student credit card you must have these two basic requirements-

  • Student of a university
  • At above 18 years of age

Here are the documents that are required to apply for a student credit card-

  • Birth Certificate
  • University identity card
  • Residential proof
  • Passport size photograph
  • PAN Card


You should be applying for a credit card only if there is a requirement. However, if you’re looking for a student credit, please make sure you check and compare the benefits they provide. Pick the best credit card as per your needs.

All efforts have been made to ensure the information provided here is accurate. However, no guarantees are made regarding correctness of data. Please verify with scheme information document before making any investment.
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