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Top 6 Best TVS Motor Bikes in India 2024

Updated on February 19, 2024 , 1103 views

TVS Motor Company is a part of the prestigious TVS Group and was introduced in 1978. In 1980, TVS Motor Company unveiled its first-ever two-wheeler vehicle –the all-time famous TVS 50 Moped. In 1987, the division of TVS Racing was unfolded. In 2015, TVS went on to become the first company in India to make its entry into the Dakar Rally along with Sherco –a leading French motorbike manufacturer.

Currently, TVS brings forth an impressive array of two-wheeled vehicles in India. Its unmatched history of high-end partnership with BMW and a series of racing models have helped TVS to evolve significantly in a wide spectrum of automobile markets. The brand is also getting involved in the launch of TVS two-wheelers that run on alternate fuel.

1. TVS Apache RTR 160 - Rs. 1.06 Lakh

TVS is at no rest when it comes to rolling out major updates for its motorbikes –especially the Apache line-up. In late 2019, the leading bike manufacturer in India unveiled the latest version of TVS Apache RTR 160. The series has received an update on its engine performance. It is capable of churning out an additional power of 1.61 BHP, which makes it one of the most powerful bike engines. It also features an impressive peak torque at 14.73 Nm.

The all-new 160 model of TVS Apache RTR features the revolutionary GTT or Glide Through Technology by TVS. The technology makes it immensely simpler to ride the bike –especially in slow-moving traffic.

TVS Apache RTR 160 Variants Price List

Variant Name Ex-showroom Price
Apache RTR 160 Front Disc Rs. 1.06 Lakh
Apache RTR 160 Rear Disc Rs. 1.09 Lakh

TVS Apache RTR 160 Price in India

City Ex-Showroom Price
Sahibabad Rs. 1.07 Lakh
Noida Rs. 1.07 Lakh
Ghaziabad Rs. 1.07 Lakh
Gurgaon Rs. 1.07 Lakh
Faridabad Rs. 1.07 Lakh
Bahadurgarh Rs. 1.07 Lakh
Ballabhgarh Rs. 1.07 Lakh
Palwal Rs. 1.07 Lakh
Jhajjar Rs. 1.07 Lakh
Baraut Rs. 1.07 Lakh

2. TVS Apache RTR 200 4V - Rs. 1.33 Lakh

The all-new TVS Apache RTR 200 4V is considered one of the best-performing motorcycle in the 200cc segment. It comes with a package of high-end performance, value, and top-notch technology which remain unparalleled. TVS has been continuously updating the Apache RTR 200 series. In the latest model, the bike is capable of receiving lucrative ride modes, adjustable front suspension, an attractive color scheme, and adjustable clutch & brake levers.

In the Sports mode, the vehicle churns out a power value of 20.82 PS along with delivering a peak torque value of 17.25 Nm. The bike is powered by the presence of a 197.75cc single-cylinder engine featuring an oil cooler. In terms of the overall design, the bike looks identical to the previous BS6 model. Still, it is sharper and a well-built street fighter having higher standards.

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Variants Price List

Variant Name Ex-showroom Price
Apache RTR 200 4V Single Channel ABS - BS VI Rs. 1.27 Lakh
Apache RTR 200 4V Single Channel ABS with Modes Rs. 1.32 Lakh
Apache RTR 200 4V Dual-Channel ABS - BS-VI Rs. 1.32 Lakh
Apache RTR 200 4V Dual-Channel ABS with Modes Rs. 1.37 Lakh

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Price in India

City Ex-Showroom Price
Sahibabad Rs. 1.37 Lakh
Noida Rs. 1.35 Lakh
Ghaziabad Rs. 1.35 Lakh
Gurgaon Rs. 1.37 Lakh
Faridabad Rs. 1.35 Lakh
Bahadurgarh Rs. 1.35 Lakh
Ballabhgarh Rs. 1.35 Lakh
Palwal Rs. 1.35 Lakh
Jhajjar Rs. 1.35 Lakh
Baraut Rs. 1.35 Lakh

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3. TVS NTORQ 125 - Rs. 72,270

The all-new TVS NTORQ 125 has made quite an impressive appearance in the 125cc segment of scooters in India. It delivers an impressive blend of top-notch performance, design, and overall functionality. The young generation loves its demographics. All of these have resulted in good sales for the model.

The scooter continues using the 124.8cc single-cylinder, 3-valve engine. Its engine is capable of delivering the power value of 9.4hp along with the peak torque value of 10.5Nm. One of the major changes that have been introduced in the revolutionary model of TVS NTORQ 125 is the change in the fueling method. The designer scooter now makes use of advanced fuel injection technology.

While the overall styling also remains the same as its predecessor model, still the scooter appears quite fresh. To its unique Race edition, TVS went forward with including the unique color scheme. The scooter is available in yellow and red and features sporty graphics throughout.

TVS NTORQ 125 Variants Price List

Variant Name Ex-showroom Price
TVS NTORQ 125 Disc BS6 Rs. 72,270
TVS NTORQ 125 Drum BS6 Rs. 77,320
TVS NTORQ 125 Race Edition BS6 Rs. 80,325
TVS NTORQ 125 Super Squad Edition Rs. 83,025
TVS NTORQ 125 Race XP Rs. 83,275

TVS NTORQ 125 Price in India

City Ex-Showroom Price
Sahibabad Rs. 76,152
Noida Rs. 76,152
Ghaziabad Rs. 76,152
Gurgaon Rs. 78,327
Faridabad Rs. 78,327
Bahadurgarh Rs. 78,327
Kundli Rs. 77,152
Ballabhgarh Rs. 78,327
Greater Noida Rs. 76,152
Dadri Rs. 76,152

4. TVS Jupiter - Rs. 65,673

When TVS Jupiter was launched in 2013, it was regarded as a premium scooter in India. In the current era, it sits in the cost-effective 110cc Range. Even with the increasing popularity of other scooter models, TVS Jupiter and its overall appeal continue topping the sales chart of the bike manufacturer.

Jupiter has recently made the switch from the conventional carburetor to the fuel-injection engine system. The TVS BS6 Jupiter model is capable of returning around 50.4kpl. Moreover, it also manages to accelerate easily from 0 to 60kph in a matter of 10.24 seconds. The peak torque of the scooter remains at 8.4Nm.

TVS Jupiter Variants Price List

Variant Name Ex-showroom Price
Jupiter Sheet Metal Wheel Rs. 65,673
Jupiter BS6 Rs. 67,398
Jupiter ZX BS6 Rs. 71,173
Jupiter Classic BS6 Rs. 75,743
Jupiter ZX Disc with IntelliGo Rs. 75,773

TVS Jupiter Price in India

City Ex-Showroom Price
Sahibabad Rs. 66,582
Noida Rs. 66,582
Ghaziabad Rs. 66,582
Gurgaon Rs. 65,769
Faridabad Rs. 65,769
Bahadurgarh Rs. 65,769
Kundli Rs. 63,698
Ballabhgarh Rs. 65,769
Greater Noida Rs. 66,582
Dadri Rs. 66,582

5. TVS Star City Plus - Rs. 68,475

TVS Motors have updated Star City Plus with a BS6 compliant engine. The bike is powered by a 109.7cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that produces 8.1hp of power along with 8.7Nm of torque. In March 2021, the TVS Star City also received a new colour option, Pearl Blue. It was the first motorcycle in its segment to be equipped with an all-LED headlamp.

When it comes to safety, the bike features 240mm front disc brake with its unique roto petal design Offering super braking control. Some of the key features of TVS Star City Plus are:

  • Engine: 109.7CC
  • Fuel & Mileage: 80KMPL
  • Transmission: 4-SPEED

TVS Star City Plus Variants Price List

TVS offers the Star City Plus in two variants- drum and disc. What sets both of them apart is the difference in the braking and colour schemes. The rest of the feature is the same in both variants.

Variant Name Ex-showroom Price
Star City Plus ES Drum Rs. 68,475
Star City Plus ES Disc Rs. 70,975

Star City Plus Price in India

City Ex-Showroom Price
Sahibabad Rs. 67,985
Noida Rs. 67,985
Ghaziabad Rs. 67,985
Gurgaon Rs. 68,100
Faridabad Rs. 68,100
Bahadurgarh Rs. 68,100
Kundli Rs. 66,355
Ballabhgarh Rs. 68,100
Greater Noida Rs. 67,985
Dadri Rs. 67,985

6. TVS Radeon - Rs. 59,992

TVS Radeon offers essential features like alloy wheels and self-state. The fuel Efficiency and peppy engine make it a conventional commuter motorcycle from the manufacturer. The Radeon comes packed with a 110cc powertrain, along with an engine capacity of 109.7 cc. When it comes to the design, the bike offers a comfortable riding posture with a single-piece seat, tank grips, and upright handlebars. The fit and finish are awesome. The bike comes with a halogen headlight and a horizontal LED DRL.

TVS Radeon bikes are available in following colors:

  • Metal Black
  • Pearl White
  • Golden Beige
  • Royal Purple
  • Volcano Red
  • Titanium Grey
  • Chrome-Black
  • Chrome Brown

Some of the key specifications of TVS Radeon are as follows:

  • Mileage - 62 kmpl
  • Transmission - 4 Speed Manual
  • Kerb Weight - 116 kg
  • Fuel Tank Capacity - 10 litres
  • Max Power - 8.08 bhp

TVS Radeon Variants Price List

Variants Ex-Showroom
Radeon Base Edition BS6 Rs. 59,992
Radeon Commuter Bike of the Year - Drum BS6 Rs. 66,782
Radeon Commuter Bike of the Year - Disc BS6 Rs. 69,782

TVS Radeon Price in India

City Ex-Showroom Price
Sahibabad Rs. 63,867
Noida Rs. 63,867
Ghaziabad Rs. 63,867
Gurgaon Rs. 63,682
Faridabad Rs. 63,682
Bahadurgarh Rs. 63,682
Kundli Rs. 62,442
Ballabhgarh Rs. 63,682
Greater Noida Rs. 63,867
Dadri Rs. 63,867

Price source- ZigWheels

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