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PNB Credit Card Customer Care

Updated on April 11, 2024 , 3019 views

Punjab National Bank has always been serious about customer complaints and all sorts of issues they face. You can file your complaints by filling the form available on their website. The bank has established a unique portal for those who are dealing with credit card issues. Whether you need to sign up for a new card or get your card blocked, the Punjab National Bank can help fix every issue in no time.

PNB Credit Card Customer Care

You can Call on the PNB credit card toll-free number:

1800 180 2345

The number must work round the clock, but if you face any issue with it, feel free to reach out to the customer team of the PNB on an alternate number:

0120 – 4616200

However, this number will incur charges. If you want to save your conversation with the Punjab National Bank just for future reference, then you could use their email address to file your complaint. While this method works fine, you may not get a quick response. The email complaints are for those who don’t have any urgent issues.

You could reach out to the customer care department at:

For any urgent issues, you must use the PNB credit card helpline number mentioned above. If your card is misplaced or you have lost it, then contact the PNB support care as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can use the email to get your card hotlisted so that no one uses the card. This will also avoid any form of the fraudulent card uses. You may also need to contact the PNB customer care services if your card gets blocked. Sometimes, the credit cards get blocked mistakenly. The bank may unblock the card for you, but if they don’t, you will need to get the card replaced.

International Helpline Number

Those who are based in foreign countries and have an account in with the bank can use the international PNB credit card customer care service to get quick help on: 91 120 249 0000.

International users can also visit the NRI help desks to get answers to all your queries.

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Grievance Redressal System

The executives working for the Punjab National Bank are qualified to Handle all sorts of customer complaints, but if due to certain reasons, you don’t find the answers accurate or helpful, you can escalate the complaint. There are mainly 4 stages of getting your complaint reaches the redressal system:

    1. Visit the nearest branch of PNB or file your complaint through email. You can also call the branch manager on the toll-free number, but if you don’t get the required support from the team, you can visit the bank and talk to an executive in-person.
    1. If the customer care department fails to answer your query or resolve your issue in 1-3 business days, then you can reach out to the zonal manager.
    1. If that does not work, approach the nodal officer in your area.
    1. To get the best results, you could visit the ombudsman of your area.

Easiest Ways to Contact the Punjab Bank’s Customer Care


Visit the official website of Punjab National Bank, submit your login details, and open your account. Head over to the “Contact Us” section of the page and send your complaint through the website. This method is also a good option for those who want to drop feedback or leave a comment. Any suggestion or remark can be sent through the complaint form.

Visit the Punjab National Bank

Most people visit the PNB branch that’s located closest to their homes or the one they have a bank account with. It is a perfect way to get all your questions answered and concerned resolved. You can talk to the branch manager and discuss all your concerns with them. If you have any complaint with the online banking services, your credit cards, and balances, then you may have to write an application to the bank manager.

They will check the application and address your issues immediately. Note that not all issues can be fixed quickly. For sensitive issues, such as the blocked credit card or wrong statements, the manager will have to resolve them as soon as possible. The complaint book is available at the bank, but you could also download the form online. Visiting the branch is a perfect way to get your answers quickly, but it may not be a reliable option for those who need emergency services and the nearest branch of the bank is located far from home. In that case, the above-mentioned PNB credit card customer care number will help.

What if my Credit Card is missing?

If you have lost your PNB credit card or it has gone missing, then you must contact the customer care service as soon as possible. Credit card frauds are growing at a rapid pace these days. It isn’t uncommon for people to lose their cards to fraudsters. Here, if you don’t file a complaint or get your issue checked with the bank, the fraudster will misuse your card. The bank offers a reliable and responsive support team that consists of dedicated and professional executives. They are ready to listen to your requirements and get your questions answered at the earliest time possible.

The customer services are also available via social media. You can follow the PNB on Instagram, Facebook, and other social networking sites and drop your comments or suggestions related to online banking.

As mentioned earlier, the PNB credit card helpline number is 1800 180 2222 and 1800 103 2222. Both are toll-free numbers and they will connect you to an executive at Punjab National Bank.

All efforts have been made to ensure the information provided here is accurate. However, no guarantees are made regarding correctness of data. Please verify with scheme information document before making any investment.
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