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HDFC Credit Card Customer Care

Updated on April 9, 2024 , 5507 views

The Bank provides multiple convenient method for customer to to connect and get all queries resolved in no time. The bank allows customers to contact the support department on weekends and weekdays.

HDFC Credit Card Customer Care

The services are available at your disposal throughout the year, even on bank holidays.

1800 266 4332

You can dial the above toll-free number to reach out to the support department.

HDFC Credit Card Customer Care

Credit card related issues are sensitive and need immediate action. Failure to Handle such issues could result in losses and other serious issues. The sooner you get to the support team of the HDFC bank, the lesser the risk will be.

Toll-free Number: 1800 266 4332

Email Address:

Branch Addresses

City Address
Mumbai MsZenobia Neville Mehta HDFC Bank Ltd. 5th Floor, Tower B, Peninsula Business Park, Lower Parel West, Mumbai 400013
Delhi HDFC Bank House,VatikaAtrium, A - Block, Golf Course Road, Sector 53, Gurgaon – 122002
Kolkata HDFC Bank Ltd. Dalhousie Branch, 4 Clive Row, Kolkata - 700 001
Chennai HDFC Bank Ltd., Prince Kushal Towers, First Floor, A Wing, 96, Anna Salai, Chennai - 600002

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When should you Contact HDFC Customer Service?

Here is when you must contact the HDFC support department as soon as possible.

If Credit Card is Lost

If you can’t find your credit card or you are certain someone must have stolen the card from your pocket/purse, then reach out to the HDFC Credit Card helpline desk through the customer care. The first step to prevent any fraud is by deleting the card from your online banking account.

You could log into your HDFC bank through the website and remove it from your account. Make sure you disconnect your card from the bank to avoid any misuse. However, that will take time. Your best bet in such a case will be calling the HDFC credit card customer care no. They will hear your concern and hot-list your credit card right away to prevent fraud.

Bank has Blocked the Credit Card Mistakenly

Note that credit cards that get blocked either intentionally or mistakenly can’t be activated again. The HDFC bank will decline your application for reactivating the blocked credit card, no matter the reason it got blocked. That being said, your only option here is to get a card replacement. There are many ways to connect with the executive at the HDFC bank, but consider dialing the toll-free number as it will connect you to the support department immediately. As mentioned above, the toll-free number is available for HDFC customers all across India and international countries.

International HDFC Credit Card Customer Care Toll-Free Number 24x7

If you are on a foreign trip or an NRI based outside India, you can contact the HDFC bank through the international credit card customer care number.

US customers - 855 999 6061

Singapore customers - 800 101 2850

If you are based in any other country, dial 91 2267606161 to get professional support from the executives at HDFC.

Before you Call the bank, make sure that the international calling will incur additional charges. While some countries offer toll-free numbers, most have the additional price that could cost you a few bucks.

HDFC Credit Card Customer Care Email ID

An alternative way to contact the professional at the HDFC bank is via the email address. You can contact the bank at:

Every time you use your credit/Debit Card, you will get an email or mobile notification for the same. So, if you ever receive a notification about the unauthorized card use, then reach out to the HDFC bank immediately.

You can either call the bank on the toll-free numbers listed above or send an email concerning the same. Note that the bank does not offer immediate answers to your email queries. It might take the bank hours to a few business days to check and respond to your email.

Block Your Card with Netbanking

  • Step 1: Enter your username and password on the HDFC log in page
  • Step 2: Select the “Card” option
  • Step 3: Hit the “Request” button right under the summary you will find an option for hot listing your credit card. Select that to get your card detached from your HDFC bank account right away.

Unauthorized Credit Card Transaction Messages

If you notice any transaction on your credit card statement that is not initiated by you, then contact the HDFC Bank Credit card customer care on the toll-free numbers we have mentioned above. If you notice anything unusual about HDFC credit or debit card, then get in touch with the bank as soon as possible.

For any credit card related query, dial 1800 258 6161 immediately. The customer support team will ask you to share the details listed below:

  • Your credit card number
  • Transaction type
  • The total amount that’s been deducted from your account
  • And, the date and time of transaction.

Make sure you have all these details handy when you are calling the customer support team.

Grievance Redressal System

The bank offers quality and responsive support service to help resolve all your issues in a timely and efficient manner. The bank handles all kinds of grievances effectively. If the customer support team fails to address your concern or they couldn’t offer a satisfactory answer, you can raise your complaint to the grievance redressal center.

  1. To reach out to the grievance support center, you must visit the contact us section of the bank.
  2. Select the Grievance Redressal Officer button
  3. Click on “Email Us” and enter your concern in detail
  4. Alternatively, you can phone the Grievance redressal officer on 044 61084900. The customer support services are available from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, except Sunday
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