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Best Books on Investing to Follow for Better Investments!

Updated on April 21, 2024 , 23484 views

In recent years, the growth rate of the stock Market has substantially increased. Apparently, people understand the virtue of investment more than before. Having said that, understanding financial concepts could be a little intimidating for a new-bee. Although this concept is underrated, even the first few steps towards investment could be challenging.

Books On Investment

At this age and time, people are aware of many financial terms owing to internet searches, but a handy book is more easy to adapt and follow. This brings down to a question- Where to look for the best investment advisor?

The answer to this question is - books. Quoting something that must have met your eye and ear every now and then: Books are man’s (or woman’s) best friend. The pioneers of the markets have shared their experiences in books that are easily available online.

These books comprise a detailed explanation of financial terms, a thoughtful sequence of investment, and many other important topics. The resources like this have helped many in the market. It might be the perfect time for you to start your journey towards investment.

Here is the handpicked list of books on investment that will come in handy for budding investors or even those who are looking for new investment modes.

Top 10 Books on Investing

The books given below will cover all topics like books on Investing for beginners, stock market books for beginners, best books on investing and retirement, the basics of the stock market and others. Hop on the bandwagon of investment library:

1. The Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham

This book was written in 1949. It is a timeless beauty and has concepts that are applicable to date. The book encompasses the topics relating to Value investing strategy and the technique of buying stocks for the price which is less than their value. It also opens the vision regarding the undervalued stocks in the market by eradicating the chances of taking massive risks. The revised version has a modern touch as a financial journalist, Jason Zweig, has added comments and footnotes.

  • Amazon Price (Paperback): INR 494

  • Amazon Kindle Price: INR 221.35

2. The Little Book of Common Sense Investing - John C. Bogle

Knowing Index Funds is like knowing the intricacies of investment—this book centres on the same topic. The writer is also the founder of Vanguard Group. The book has clear details about Bogle’s low cost investment in index funds. It also comprises topics like tips on index fund investment and making the investment in index fund work for you. The edition released on account of its 10th anniversary has the updated information regarding the modern market. Among all other best books on investing for beginners, this will stand at the top. Other books written by Bogle are Enough and Common Sense on Mutual Funds.

  • Amazon Price (Paperback): 1,299 INR

  • Amazon Kindle Price: 1,115 INR

3. A Beginners Guide to Stock Market - Matthew Carter

For a beginner, it isn't easy to understand most of the terms in the stock market. This one is a book that could guide you well through the path of making money effectively. The book talks about everything like the basics of the stock market, common mistakes made by an investor, how to avoid the mistakes, where and how to open a brokerage account, steps to buy first stock, and the hacks and path generating passive Income from the stock market. Among all the stock market books for beginners, this book has gained maximum accolades.

  • Amazon Price (Paperback): 3,233 INR

  • Amazon Kindle Price: 209 INR

4. The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need - Andrew Tobias

This is another timeless beauty on the list. The book was penned in 1970 while the author was working for the New York Magazine, but concepts are still effective. The book talks about how to build wealth, prepare for retirement, and everyday strategy that will help save for the long term. Andrew Tobias was known for his writing style and wit. It wouldn't be wrong to Call it the best book on investing and retirement. The writer has also written masterpieces like The Invisible Bankers and Fire and Ice.

  • Amazon Price (Paperback): 1,034 INR

  • Amazon Kindle Price: Unavailable

5. Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki

According to the fans, this is the most popular book on the list and the best books about investing. Robert Kiyosaki wrote the book in 1997. The author has narrated his journey with his father and his friend’s father while growing up. He has imparted the learning that isn’t taught in school. The book also says that you don’t need a large investment to make money. Rather, a few right steps can pave the road to success. The edition released on the 20th anniversary of the book release has Kiyosaki’s updated take on the subject.

  • Amazon Price (Paperback): 302 INR

  • Amazon Kindle Price: 286 INR

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6. The Money Manual - Tonya Rapley

This is the perfect book for the noobs. It reveals the ways for commencing investment and answers to the questions like what to do with money. Topics include money management, credit building, ways to tackle loans, understanding Financial goals, and others. The author has also found My Fab Finance and has appeared in Forbes, Vogue, NY Daily, Refinary29, and others.

  • Amazon Price (Paperback): 1,319 INR
  • Amazon Kindle Price: 714 INR

7. Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

One of the bestselling books, it is mostly a motivational guide and has some parts of a financial guide. Think and Grow Rich comprises inputs from Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and others to motivate the readers. The stories are the success tales with financial advice defining the Law of Success. The first copy was released in 1937, and since then, 15 million copies have been sold. The revised edition of the book has Arthur R. Pell’s commentary.

  • Amazon Price (Paperback): 598 INR

  • Amazon Kindle Price: 180 INR

8. One Up on Wall Street - Peter Lynch

The book is written by a visionary. He understands being an average investor who aims high and has centred the same in this book. He is presently the vice-chairman of Fidelity Management & Research Company and former Portfolio manager in the same. As an investor, Lynch has tasted all sorts of bittersweet fruits. In this book, he has narrated the importance of everyday investment opportunities. The book talks about ten-bagger, meaning investing in a stock that grows ten-folds after you buy it. Peter Lynch has co-authored Learn to Earn and Beating the Street as well.

  • Amazon Price (Paperback): 442 INR

  • Amazon Kindle Price: 180 INR

9. The Simple Path to Wealth - JL Collins

This book is for beginners in the stock market. The author has discussed debts, the stock market mechanism, investment during the bullish and bearish market, Asset Allocation, and others. The book also talks about retirement funds and their details. Spoiler alert! The book begins as a letter to the author’s daughter that grows into an extensive guide to money and investment. This is a good recommendation for people looking for in-depth knowledge of the stock market.

  • Amazon Price (Paperback): 1,139 INR

  • Amazon Kindle Price: 449 INR

10. Live Richer Challenge - Tiffany Aliche

In recent years, the book has garnered huge popularity with justified reasons. This is a good read for people with debts and looking for financial suggestions related to investing and building wealth. Live Richer Challenge will help you develop a money mindset that will help you in efficient budgeting, saving, and investing. The author has also put her brains behind The One Week Budget. The author has featured in Good Morning America, the NY Times, the Today show, The Wall Street Journal, and others.

  • Amazon Price (Paperback): 4,257 INR

  • Amazon Kindle Price: 380 INR

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