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Union Mutual Fund

Updated on November 30, 2022 , 25895 views

Union Mutual Fund is a part of Union Bank of India. The fund house offers schemes under equity, debt, and hybrid category. Union Asset Management Private Limited manages the schemes of Union Mutual Fund. It was formerly known as Union KBC Mutual Fund.

The company aims to create a strong asset management in India with the help of unrivalled brand value of Union Bank of India, knowledge of their customers, and extensive network.

AMC Union Mutual Fund
Date of Setup December 30, 2009
Quarterly Average AUM INR 4,432.89 (30th Jun 2018)
Chief Executive Officer G. Pradeepkumar
Chief Investment Officer Vinay Paharia
Customer Care Number 1800 200 2268
Fax 022 67483402
Telephone 022 67483333
Email investorcare[AT]

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About Union Bank Mutual Fund

Union Bank Mutual Fund is a bank-sponsored Mutual Fund company. The fund house’s vision is to “be the bridge of opportunity for investors to achieve sustainable prosperity through responsible Investing in the Capital markets.” Union Mutual Fund mainly emphasizes on product development, sales and support marketing, and dedicated coaching officers for training the marketing people. The company’s mission is to be recognized as the fund house that offers the right scheme to the correct person at the right time. Through its strong network distribution, it wants to reach out to a large number of aspiring investors.

Union Mutual Fund was earlier known as Union KBC Mutual Fund. The asset management company was started as a partnership between Union Bank of India and Belgium based KBC Asset Management NV. In this partnership Union Bank of India held, 51% of shares while the remaining percentage was held with KBC Asset Management NV. In August 2016, KBC Asset Management announced its exit from the partnership and this remaining shares was purchased Union Bank of India. Thus, Union Bank now owns 100% shares of the Mutual Fund company.


Union Mutual Fund Schemes

Union Mutual Fund offers a variety of schemes under the various categories depending on numerous requirements of the customers. It broadly offers its schemes under three different categories equity, debt, hybrid, and ELSS category.

Equity Mutual Funds

The Mutual Fund category that invests its corpus in equity and equity-related instruments of various companies. These funds can be considered as one of the good investment options for long-term. The returns on Equity Funds are not consistent. Equity funds are classified into various categories like Large cap funds, mid cap funds, Small cap funds, and much more. Some of the best and Best Equity Mutual Funds offered by Union include:

  • Union Equity Fund
  • Union Small & Mid Cap Fund
  • Union Focussed Large Cap Fund

Debt Mutual Funds

Debt fund or fixed Income funds invest their accumulated money in Fixed Income instruments like treasury bills, commercial papers, certificate of deposits, gilts, government Bonds, and corporate bonds. The risk-appetite of debt funds is low as compared to equity funds. Some of the best and top debt Mutual Funds offered by Union Mutual Fund are:

  • Union Dynamic Bond Fund
  • Union Liquid Fund
  • Union Short Term Fund

Union Hybrid Mutual Funds

Also known as Balanced Fund, these schemes try to take the advantage of both the instruments i.e., equity and debt. These fund’s accumulated money is invested in a pre-determined ratio between equity and debt instruments. Hybrid Mutual Fund can be considered as an investment option that provides regular income along with capital growth. Under hybrid funds category, Union Mutual Fund offers:

Union ELSS

ELSS or Tax Saving Mutual Funds refers to the schemes that give investors the benefits of investing coupled with the tax advantage. ELSS also known as Equity Linked Savings Scheme invests around 80-85% of the corpus in equity and equity-related instruments and the remaining in fixed income instruments. These schemes have a lock-in period of three years. The top and best ELSS offered by Union Mutual Fund is:

Union Bank SIP Mutual Fund

Union Bank offers SIP mode of investment in most if its schemes. SIP or Systematic Investment plan refers to investing in Mutual Fund schemes small amounts at regular intervals. People can attain their objectives in a planned and timely manner through SIP.

Union Mutual Fund Calculator

Union Mutual Fund similar to other fund houses also provides a mutual fund calculator to their investors. It is also known as sip calculator. This calculator helps people to calculate their present savings amount to attain their future objectives. Some of the objectives that people can plan for with the calculator include purchasing a house, purchasing a vehicle, planning for higher education, and much more. The SIP calculator also shows how the investment grows over a period of time in a virtual environment.

Know Your Monthly SIP Amount

My Goal Amount:
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Expected Annual Returns:
Total investment required is ₹56/month for 5 Years
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Union Bank Mutual Fund NAV

Net Asset Value or NAV of Union Bank Mutual Fund can be found on the asset management company’s website or on AMFI’s website. Both these websites provide both current as well as historical NAV of the Mutual Fund.

Union KBC Mutual Fund Account Statement

Union KBC Mutual Fund now known as Union Mutual Fund sends the statements to its investors on a regular Basis through online or through the post. Even people can find these statements by logging into their accounts.

Corporate Address of Union Mutual Fund

Unit No. 503, 5th Floor, Leela Business Park, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400059.


Union Bank of India

All efforts have been made to ensure the information provided here is accurate. However, no guarantees are made regarding correctness of data. Please verify with scheme information document before making any investment.
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